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The simple everyday act of changing baby diapers was the inspiration for Pampers, PanG largest and one of fastest growing brands. In the 1950s, PanG researcher Vic Mills was changing his grandson cloth diaper and thought there has to be a better alternative to cloth diapers that fit poorly, leak all the time and required frequent laundry. The process of cleaning dirty clothing diaper was messy and smelly and he was inspired to provide a better solution for both parents and babies. In 1956, Mills asked his colleagues to work on developing of first high-quality, affordable disposable diaper. The chance to make a difference was clear, at the time disposable diapers were used in fewer than 1% of diaper changes. The first Pampers diaper was sold in 1961, while there were other disposable diapers on the market, Pampers superior performance and affordability set a new standard.  At that time people knew that process could be cleaner and simpler, with better fitting diapers and better night sleep for babies. In 1972, Pampers became first nationally sold brand in the United States, available in department stores, supermarkets, and drug stores. Over the next 10 years, parents in Europe, Asia, and Latin America were using Pampers to ensure the happy, healthy development of their babies. As the needs of parents and babies changed, Pampers responds with new innovation and designs from features like zeep leads for stretch to give baby more comfort and water repelling lining, keeping babies dryer followed by custom-fit tapes that replaced pins, allowing moms not to have to worry about sticking the baby and stay dry lining for even more dryness for baby. Pampers has continued to involve and improve. Today Pampers designs are the thinnest they have ever been, allowing babies to play and roll comfortably and listening overall impact on the environment for more than 50 years, Pampers has been carrying for the happy, healthy development of babies. Today Pampers serves more than 25 million babies in more than 100 counties around the world. And it is P&G number 1 brand with more than 10 billion in annual sales.