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The website that I
visited for this assignment was
On this website there was a lot of information provided to whomever may be
using it. The website gives you week by week knowledge of how your baby is
developing and what the mother needs to be doing during each week of their
pregnancy. Also, the website provides the key elements of health and nutrition
that mothers should be aware of during their prenatal development. It shows you
some things you need to be doing such as exercising and eating a healthy diet
that is suitable for the life that you are carrying with you. Another important
thing that this website does is that it tells you and explains the signs and
symptoms for women who think that they are or may be pregnant. If a woman is
trying to get pregnant the website provides information on the best ways and
times of their cycles that they can get pregnant most effectively. An example
of this would be that it provides an ovulation calendar to women who are trying
to get pregnant. This website also provides labor and delivery help to women
and men who are enduring this rough but gratifying moment in a pregnancy. A
couple additional things that this website provides is tips for having a baby
shower, such as how to plan one. Also, the website provides baby names for
couples or individuals who may be struggling trying to settle on a name for
their unborn boy or girl.

            The part of this website that I liked the most was the
animated weekly pregnancy tracker. You can see what your baby looks like during
each week of your pregnancy. Mothers who are expecting are generally very
curious and would love to see what their babies are looking like while they
embark on this journey of life. A part of the website that I did not like is
that it may be hard to navigate and find what you are specifically looking for.
To find what you are looking for you really must look and use the tabs to find
it. The part about this website that I would change would be the home page. The
home page is relatively blank, I would make it more appealing to first time
users. I would change the way you find things so that each tab’s title is
located on the home page readily available to whoever may be utilizing this
site. This website provides a lot of information and in my opinion is a very
good website to visit to learn about the prenatal stages and what goes along
with a pregnancy.

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