The “Comas” Hamilton’s poem is not long,

The Greek mythology has a distinct personality. The heroic legend originated from theworship of the ancestors. It is an artistic network of ancient Greeks who struggled forancient history and the struggle for nature. The hero of this kind of legend is mostly thedescendants of God and man, the hero of the half god and half. They are extraordinarybravery, which is the same as our country's folktales. These English legends are also odeto human's struggle for the evil forces of nature and society.The Greek mythology is the most perfect mythology of every nation in the world. Ittypically reflects human’s romantic, simple and lovely characteristics, The Greekmythology is full of enterprising spirit of optimism and free spirited attitude towards life.Greek mythology has a profound and long-term influence on the history of European andAmerican literature. In the Renaissance, There has been a wide range of attention andinterest of The Greek mythology in Europe. All the poets writers have used mythologicalstories as creative materials. Only in Britain for example, Shakespeare used the Greekmythology theme written tragedy ;Troilo J and Cressida; and the poem ;Venus andAdonis;; ;Comas; Hamilton's poem is not long, but mentions more than 30 Greekcharacters and stories. In nineteenth Century, the British and American Romantic poetswere more praised for the splendid Greek mythology. American poet Whitman saidconcise and comprehensive, myth is really great;. The poet is often to mythology quotedlyric by King, expressing anger, point out problems. Greek mythology describes theancients do not yield to the fate of the indomitable will, and the struggle of gods andheroes with superhuman strength and the nature of the refuse to be cowed or submitinspire, romantic poet, stimulate their imagination; romantic poetry endows the ancientmyth to new life. Shelley, Byron, Lang Feiluo and other poets, poetry have Acura to stealthe fire of Prometheus for human. Under Byron's pen, Prometheus has become theembodiment of the cold really angry, firm and indomitable will and strength to resistoppression.Ancient Greek mythology is not only a source for people to create, but also a paradise forpeople to enjoy beauty. The spirit contained in it is a treasure house that has spread tothe present and has benefited mankind. It can still affect the development of society.

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