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The book
“Between the world and me” isn’t a long novel, however has a
profundity with regards to the heaviness of issues that it discusses. The
writer asserted some authority as a sensible essayist in America by composing
this book in an ethical crisis whereby the general public is uncovered as one
that is surely influenced by the demonstrations of the white individuals. Truth
be told, I set out say that all individuals in America should read this book
and their children and little girls. As it were, the book addresses the
different issues that impart a conviction that America should be a more wary
society and one that is diligent on idealism. Despite the fact that it might
not have words that are appealing to all individuals, the book is an
unequivocal delineation of the proceeded with disappointment of humankind to
beat humanism as such. This paper is a talk of the different subjects that
reoccur in this book and in addition how they function and furthermore the way
and purpose behind utilizing redundancy logically.

 First of all, the author talks of the issue of
race. He does so with a lot of enthusiasm and recognizes it as a serious
problem in the American society. He speaks to the white community in a direct
way and tells them that the problem of race is purely a white problem. He does
not seek approval in saying this. It is an issue that writers of his time do
not want to talk so much about. He is a person who is well versed with the
issue of race. Thus, this book clearly illustrates the fact that the story of
racism is not yet a thing of the past, but it is the reality of the things that
the black community has found itself going through. For instance, the author states
that, “I never wanted you to be twice as good as them, so much as I have always
wanted you to attack every day of your brief bright life in struggle” (Coates,

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The other theme is
the one of social justice. From the book, it becomes easy for one to question
the reasons and motives behind crime in the society. Throughout the book, the
author shares with the readers as well as his own son, his awakening to the
facts regarding social justice and history with numerous experiences that
revealed what he has personally gone through. He makes all readers comprehend
the world as it should be as far as social justice is concerned. For example,
he states that, “Indeed, they felt it their duty to disabuse me of my
weaponized history” (Coates, 53/54)

The author uses
repetition rhetorically for various reasons. First, the author uses this
rhetorical device for maintaining emphasis on the main issues of the story. For
instance, the issue of race and racial discrimination is repeated severally.
Additionally, rhetorical repetition is used to come up with an emotional
effect. The story is very emotional as it involves the struggles of the lack
people. Hence, using repetition eventually creates an atmosphere whereby the
feelings of people are awakened. The author repeats the idea of racism in many
parts. For example, in page 9 he states that, “All of this is common to black
people. And all of this is old for black people”. Also in page 7 he states
that, “But race is the child of racism, not the father”.

In the foregoing paragraphs,
it is clear that there are several themes that reoccur severally in the book.
The two main ones are racism and social justice. This essay has deeply
discussed their function as well as illustrated how the author exploits the
style of rhetorical repetition to bring out his ideas. In deed, it is a story
to behold.