The confined to school hours, and limitedThe confined to school hours, and limited

The 21st century has been rightly termed as the digital era. Most of the people have heard about digital learning too. The days of blackboards, the chalks, and the sponge are gone. They have been substituted with web based education which strengthens student’s learning experience. The E-Education has lightened teaching sector evidently. Digital learning can be defined as a web based learning which effectively makes use of the information technology to impart knowledge to the students. 1. Digital learning Digital learning is emerging whether we want it or not. Education technology has the ability to stimulate kids, so why not bring that advantage in the classrooms? There are several reasons why digital learning has come and is here to stay. First, it allows learners some essential features of being educated over time, place, path, and pace. Second, is more effective because learners can find their favorite ways to learn what they must learn. Learning is no longer confined to school hours, and limited within the classroom. The internet, including accessing devices, has accord learners to learn anytime, anywhere and everywhere. Digital learning have many various angels, tools, and applications to use, for teachers and learners. These include online courses, digital content and resources. Moreover, digital learning can be used for skilled learning opportunities for instructors and to give personalized learning experiences for learners. 2. Teachers’ training First and foremost it is the responsibility of the teacher to get trained for the various digital learning tools and programs before they can apply them to teach students. What is more beneficial about web based digital learning education is that it has allowed the educators to increase their efficiency and productivity. 2.1. Education institutes offers training sessions In most of education institutes, majority of teachers have been trained. They took different courses to be familiar with different applications, devices, and webs. The school or the institute which has decided to opt for the e-learning teaching procedure do have a vital role to play here. Either they can hire teachers and tutors who have comprehensive knowledge of digital learning tools and methods or else they can make proper arrangements to train the teachers about how to use the digital programs effectively. 3. Important factors Some of the most important factors of e-learning are: you are free to choose the place, time is not limited, you can learn at your own pace. Also e-learning allows us to search any topic that we need information on. In case of e-learning, digital learning quality is related mostly to the quality and relevance of the content. If the content is relevant to someone and it has been developed properly, is free of errors, and looks professional, you will not have major problems with learners. Any e-learning classroom needs to be useful. That means people find value in what you have created. The best way to ensure this is to know your audience before you begin developing your class. The better you know your audience, the more specific and useful your class will be. 3.1 Free to choose the place Digital learning or e-education is not bounded with the traditional classroom type of teaching where every period was supposed to be of forty minutes but it has given the freedom to both the students as well as the teachers to choose their place. You can take online classes anywhere according to your convenience including attending it at the comfort of your home. However, this is applicable for mostly professional courses and not for the school going children. 3.2 Time isn’t limited Another huge advantage that digital learning has provided to the students worldwide is that learning is no more restricted to specific timings when the classes were conducted. You can choose your own flexible time and start learning when you… 3.3 You can learn at your own pace There is no need to compete with the rest of the class but rather e-learning allows you to learn at your own pace. The tutorial videos are available online and you can view it as many times as you want to make your concepts clear about a topic. This means you do not have to spend much time on one lesson as then the chapters become more interactive. You can download videos of the classes from internet and you can know what was taught in the class today. 4. Why all schools need to adopt digital learning? There has been a thorough discussion that all educational institutes and academic centers should implement digital learning which is steadfastly gained immense popularity and support over the last few years. It is going to get more assistance as the numbers of internet users are increasing each day. Digital learning technologies can enable students to grasp concepts more quickly and fully, to connect theory and applications more adeptly, and to engage in learning more readly, while also improving instructional techniques, leveraging instructor time, and facilitating the widespread sharing of knowledge. Digital learning will enable this in new and better ways and create possibilities beyond the limits of our current imagination. Fig1. 4.1 Digital learning has made research work simpler Beyond any doubt the digital learning procedure has made the research work simpler specifically in the field of medical science, information technology and space. With information easily available on the internet you can find solution to any problem or question and carry your work further. The research scholars can easily prepare their thesis or dissertation without much difficulty. All the facts and statics provided on the internet are latest which adds an impetus to your work. 4.2 Digital learning a boon for the parents as well The gift of digital learning has proved to be a blessing not only for the teachers but even for the parents who usually guide their children at home and help them in their studies and homework. They can consult the internet and online tutorials anytime in order to guide their kids in a better way. Moreover, e-learning because of its interactive nature becomes a fun laden game for the children who can grasp the topic more quickly than by the traditional methods. 4.3 Preparation for exams becomes easier Yet another advantage of web based learning is that it helps a great deal during preparation of examinations. Nowadays, you will find most of the students preparing for the higher exams surfing the internet to find answers to their questions. In addition, if you are preparing for a competitive exam, then digital learning can be your best trusted friend. You can consult online guide books and also give online mock test to consolidate your preparation. There are online tutors who can help in solving your problems thus making your tasks easier. 4.4 Reduce the paper work The introduction of e-learning in the present scenario has led to the reduction and elimination of the burdensome paper work which was part of the earlier system. Since most of the exams conducted are online, the teachers do not need to carry bundles of answer sheet to their home for evaluation. Moreover, the questions today are usually Multiple Choice types (MCQs) which can be evaluated on computer itself within no time. Now because of this the results are also declared very early and there is more transparency and accuracy in it as compared to the traditional ways of checking paper. Appendix: Digital learning has become a revolution. Internet has brought the knowledge outside of the cells, you just have to know how to search because in the future it will be a critical skill. You have to become a self learner to take ownership of your own education and to get credits for that you are not obliged to go to school anymore thanks to Digital Learning