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The West Philippine Sea is very important to
us Filipinos, for this is a big source of food, it opens up opportunities and jobs
for those in need, and it is a pathway to other countries. Unfortunately this
has been taken from us by the Chinese army. They have billet a navy baes there,
and because of this Philippine President Rodrigo
Duterte has decided to issue a formal order declaring a sprawling lagoon in a
disputed South China Sea shoal a maritime sanctuary where Filipinos and Chinese
will be prohibited from fishing.

had been accused of building “illegal” structures and reclaiming sandbars in
the middle of the west Philippine sea, for In July 2016, an international
tribunal in The Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines in that
territorial dispute with China. China had tried to ignore this but they cannot
ignore what will happen in the ASEAN summit. Atlas we can now confront them for
what they have done .The president of the Philippines, President Rodrigo
Duterte who hosted the 50th ASEAN summit. The Philippines as ASEAN
chair, at least, could have pushed for a mention of the Hague ruling in an
ASEAN statement. The Southeast Asian
country could have led ASEAN, too, in standing more strongly against China’s
militarization of the South China Sea.

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But unfortunately President Rodrigo
Duterte threw it all away when he said instead of highlighting the regions
differences with China the countries should be friends. He also said that we
could not afford to go to war with our stronger neighbors.

President Rodrigo Duterte Wasted this
opportunity for the Philippines had already won the case and the other counters
had all made a stand agents China, although Duterte’s thought of not wanting
war was for the good of this counter, he did not realized that war isn’t that
simple, just because tow counters are fating 
there will be war for  no  counter would want war, and just because the
Philippines is a smaller counter compered to china that dasn’t mean we aren’t
allowed to fate for our rights to claim what is ours.