The death and most importantly question howThe death and most importantly question how

The role of culture, time and setting in the death of Santiago NasarReflective Statement Post the interactive oral, I developed new perspectives and insights towards how to approach the Novel and have most importantly began appreciating the author even more. Specifically, what intrigued me the most was how it all somehow added up to the death of Santiago Nasar; despite all the many events that could have occured and most importantly could’ve prevented the death of Santiago, none of them took place, it is almost as if Santiago was “destined” to die and as if it were written on his fate. This enlightenment lead me to brainstorm all the many things that could’ve prevented Santiago’s death and most importantly question how and why all of this could’ve happen. Furthermore, we also discussed the whole concept of honor killing, where it amazed me how this was still a thing that someone can think of and how important it was, such that it is worth more than the life of a person itself. However, one very point that needs to be pointed is that the story of the novel has taken place in the 1950s in a 3rd world country. What fascinates me further is to this day, in my country, honor-killing, in the very deep of villages in India, still does occur. And that realization just deeply saddens me to the very core, as then I realize that we haven’t come very far, and still have a far and very long way to go.Lastly, One other very important thing that I got to know was that the somewhat disturbing content that the novel possesses has been possibly based on the author’s life experience, specifically the marriage of his parents, where his grandfather was opposed to the idea of marriage due to his father’s image, at that time, and as alleged by his grandfather, of being a womanizer and conservative,  so there are chances that the story of the novel has been influenced by the aforementioned case as it is the heart of the novel.Essay The chronicles of the death foretold by Gabriel García Márquez is one of the most acclaimed piece of literary work in the history of literature and has lead to him to win numerous awards in the realm of literature. The novel depicts the life in a town located in 3rd  world country, where there is poverty, slow judiciary and sexism. The story revolves around the death of Santiago Nasar, a seemingly innocent man who was murdered because he allegedly engaged in a sexual intercourse with someone who wasn’t married yet, and the husband, who she married to ultimately, was not content with this and decided to “return” the bride, where the bride was then beaten by her mother and when she gasped the name of Santiago Nasar, the brothers found the way to regain their “lost lonor”, which was to murder the one who had done this. One very important point that needs to be considered, was that there was no concrete proof at all that Santiago Nasar was the one who took the virginity of Angela Vicario. And this particular issue has absolutely boggled my mind. Hence, I chose to have this as the topic of my Written Assignment, such that I can pursue the topic further, given how intrigued I am by it. With respect to the cultural aspect of the whole novel, I am amazed at how it crossed the mind of the Vicario Brothers that the only way to regain the lost “honor” of their sister was to murder Santiago Nasar, and add to that the strong religious beliefs that the people of the town possess. One other moment of irony with respect to Religion, was when they married off Angela to an extremely rich family, despite her rejecting the offer and threatening the family with suicide. I would like to further stress on the very importance of Angela’s “honor”, such that even at times when Angela Vicario would be offered to visit houses that they would like to purchase, Angela’s parents, including her blind father, would always come along them such that to protect that “honor” that Angela possesses. The life of a young women in the Vicario house, their extreme sorrow  due to the rigor of their”iron” mother  can be very well summed using a statement of the Mother, where she admits the misery and displeasure she has given her daughters will raising them: “Any man will be happy with them because they’re raised to suffer”.  And the fact that this is known and acknowledged by other people in the town can be deduced when the narrator states that the brothers, according to his observation were “brought to be men” and the daughters had been “reared to get married”. To add one other perspective with which to look at the twins, it was told by Clotilde Armenta, who witnessed the murder before her eyes, she asserted that the twins looked at Santiago “more with pity” rather than the anger that they had initially. I believe the reason for this is because, they had created publicized the fact that they were going to kill him to so many people, such that they had assumed that it was now the matter of their honor as well and so they had to unwillingly murder Santiago, as per my opinion based on the above-mentioned quote by Clotilde Amentia. The latin town also seems to be very religious of sort given how excited they all were when expecting the arrival of the bishop. However, the very irony that can be observed is that when the Brothers were very openly proclaiming about how they will murder Santiago, no one in the town took a step further to stop them, despite seeing them with knives and instead during the time of the killing, they gathered outside Santiago’s house to witness the murdering of Santiago himself. All this lead to them regretting not doing so years after the incident had unfolded. One other thing that I am amazed at is the absolute majority of the town, even post the incident, believed that the true victim of all the brutal things that had occurred was Bayardo San Roman, the one who had showered the family with money and in return expected love from Angela Vicario, which he only happened to receive when he was no longer in love with Angela. One such instance can be found where Hortensia Baute, the one who had witnessed the brothers, with their knives, felt so affected by the whole incident that she “fell into penitential crisis” and was found “running naked on the streets.However, one other perspective of the whole situation can be found in this paragraph. Before doing so, I would like to proceed to give a context of the whole town. It was early morning when the twins were proclaiming out their murder plan, and point to be noted is that they just commemorated their sister’s wedding, where the whole town was invited, and sumptuous meals and large amounts of alcohols were available. Hence it is reasonable for the people of the town to think that it was all because of the colossal alcohol that they had consumed during the celebration and were probably undergoing hangover, which lead them to think of such an unusual thought. The above-mentioned situation can again be tackled with another perspective; the twins were in a drunken state where they had very limited to no control over what they can possibly do  and they were also in possession of dangerous weapons that they were very likely to misuse. However, despite knowing so, the people of the town choose to remain silent and ignore the fact that such a crime was about to occur. Which, leads to a plethora of possible reasons as to why the people of the town choose to remain quite, which would be discussed below. To start with, I would like to provide a context of the family of Santiago Nasar; They are Arabian Immigrants living in the town for a long time and are considered to be a wealthy family in the town and they own a quite large house, whereas majority of the town isn’t that wealthy. Apart from that, the family also has a history of molestation between the maids, where Victoria Guzman, a maid, was molested by the father of Santiago Nasar and Divina Flor, the daughter of Victoria and also a maid, was molested by Santiago Nasar himself. And so there is a chance, as the mother and the maid, where the mother had locked the door considering, as per the information given by the maid Divina Flor,  that Santiago was already inside the house to prevent the twins from entering the house. However, given the history of molestation that has existed between the maids and the family, Divina, for that one moment, could’ve contemplated on whether this was the chance for her to take revenge, and she did, perhaps. To conclude,  there are a lot of factors that indicate and can possibly imply that there are tensions concerning the Immigrant family among the people of the town, such as tension concerning  race, wealth and quality of life and the relatively less struggle that they have to do in order to run their household, and the fact that the family had a history of molestation. And, as I perceive it, it is the town of the whole town, and one quote that has described it perfectly, at least according to me, can be found in the novel, which states: ” They didn’t hear the shouts of the whole town, frightened by its own crime”.