The detail when hinting towards these traits.The detail when hinting towards these traits.

The main character Cassia is descriptely expressed and described all throughout the book Matched by Ally Condie. The author uses many of details to truly manipulate the character, and the characters major traits. Cassia, (the main character of the book) is a seventeen year old girl, whom has green eyes and coppery brown hair. She lives in a dystopian society, meaning she and the society is constantly surveilled, and where self freedom was banished. The government chooses who and when people are matched, meaning you could be matched with someone completely random. Condie truly evolves and unfolds Cassia’s traits all within the story. In the novel Matched the author deliberately introduces the main character Cassia’s traits. Condie uses tons of descriptive detail when hinting towards these traits. Three main traits i’ve noticed that Cassia holds within the chapters that I have read, is that she is self aware, curious, and confused. I believe Cassia hold many of these traits because she is aware of the society’s fallibility meaning the possibility of the society making an error. Curious, Cassia Maria Reyes has been curious ever since the day her grandfather was lying in the hospital bed, and he had given her an artifact which in it held an illegal piece of poetry. Lastly, I would overall say that Cassia is confused at times. Ky, the boy whom popped out as a possible “glitch” on her micro card is always on her mind. She feels as something isn’t right, however the quote on quote Society has matched her with her forever loved childhood friend Xander. She believes as this “glitch” was intentional as that the Society has made a mistake, but then thinks again “but the Society doesn’t make any mistakes.” Within the novel Matched by Ally Condie the main character Cassia drastically changes. Cassia goes from a naive girl whom is extremely excited and “lucky” with whom she is matched with, Xander Carrow. She bursts into happiness and joy, however this excitement and joy turns into confusion, and regret? Because of the unexpected quote on quote glitch that had appeared on Cassia’s micro card about Ky, shes been extremely confused and curious. She feels as she wants to be with Ky, and Xander. She is utterly confused and type regretful. It seems as she is willing to end things with Xander to start happiness and be together why Ky. But when in the beginning she was exploding with joy, and now she wants to end it all for a chance to be with someone whom no one is supposed to be matched with, an aberration, Ky. Cassia the main character of the book Matched plays a vast role in the events and theme of the novel. Cassia is a major part of the events that concur in the book. The author expresses most of the events that occur with Cassia’s thoughts, and her actions these things that the author does and uses makes the event an event. Without Cassia it would be unbelievably rough to find a major theme within Matched. She helps unfold and truly develop the major theme. The things she does, the things she says, the things she thinks, help the theme unravel. If it wasn’t for Cassia the story wouldn’t necessarily be a story, because there wouldn’t be major events, or a major theme. Without a major theme or major events, there is no official story. To conclude, Ally Condie the author of the book Matched does an amazing, phenomenal job with truly expressing the main character. She precisely describes the character with deep and descriptive words and phrases, and truly goes into her thoughts and actions. I have also learned something after reading a couple chapters into the book. I have learned that not everything is what it seems like, that anything can everything can utterly be the complete opposite of what we believe it is. All in all, dont judge on people on your first opinions, time can help things truly evolve and change.