The discount on purchase of medicine andThe discount on purchase of medicine and

The 1995 Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
is the outcome of a bloodshed civil war against dictatorship. First and
foremost, the Constitution intended to introduce democratic principles in
government and society. It also gives high emphasis on the Bill of Rights. Actuality,
human rights are the core of the Constitution. As a result, the Constitution unequivocally
proclaim complete equality of all people before the law and in the benefit of
liberty and freedom as well as the consequent social and economic progress the constitution
will bring.

is historically an accessible country to peoples from overseas. It is inhabited
by welcoming citizens; persistently care for freedom and peace. Due to this character,
the nation welcomes all affable countries and yet reaches out to connect and collaborate
to obtain benefits from peace and equality to all peoples of the world. With
this kind of society, it is not surprising to find a stipulation in the
Constitution that proclaims that all international conventions ratified by Ethiopia
shall subsequently be an integral part of the legal framework and values of the
nation. Among the Conventions embraced by Ethiopia are United Nations core
human rights covenants which now comprise the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

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careful examination of Ethiopian Law can notice fundamental components of
respect for human rights, hence it can be expected the priority to the
ratification of CRPD and one might read pertinent laws and policies that
readily reply to CRPD mandate.  


Republic Act 7277 of 19922, the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons
is the chief policy document for Filipinos with Disabilities. It incorporates
the earlier Batas Pambansa 344 of 19833 or the Accessibility Law through a provision. In 2006, Republic
Act 9442 amended RA7277, by adding social and economic provisions like the 20%
discount on purchase of medicine and daily essentials including transportations
and recreational services.