The dragged me down a dark hallway,

The Egyptian culture is largely based on their belief of gods and goddesses, and the afterlife.  The Egyptians thought that if you were a criminal in life, you would have severe punishments for your actions, but if you were a good person during your life, you would be rewarded with passage to the afterlife.”Aileas Kallade?” a voice boomed from an unknown source. I unsteadily rose to my feet from the cold stone floor. I looked around the large room to see pitiful, and some envious, glances from all the deceased from that day, and some from long before that. I personally had been in the dusty room for what seemed like four days. It was impossible to tell in the windowless room. An invisible hand grabbed my arm, and with a shriek, I was pulled through a door I had never seen before. Barely being able to see, the mysterious force dragged me down a dark hallway, and we arrived at huge, painted double doors at the end of the passage. A feeling of anxiety bloomed in my stomach. Without warning, the doors gusted open, revealing an even larger chamber than the one I had been in. I couldn’t help my jaw falling open when I saw all the gods and goddesses at the far side of the room. Some of the gods and goddesses present included Isis, the sister and wife of Osiris, seated next to Osiris himself, Anubis, the god of embalming and the dead, Ma’at, goddess of truth, justice, and balance, Thoth, the god of magic, the moon, and writing, and many more deities, some that I didn’t even recognize. My eyes widened as I looked to the right and saw Ammit the Devourer, waiting impatiently for my heart to be weighed. Osiris leaned on his elbow on the arm of his throne, his chin resting on his hand. He said in a bored tone, “Bring in her heart.” Anubis, Thoth, and Ma’at stepped forward towards the giant scale that already held a feather, tipping the scale to one side. The feather was the feather of Ma’at, and if my heart weighed more than it, my heart and soul would be devoured by Ammit, hence the name of “The Devourer”, and I would cease to exist.

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