The dramaturgical theory by Erving Goffman; ifThe dramaturgical theory by Erving Goffman; if

The dramaturgical theory by Erving Goffman; if simply had to be understood in one sentence then it would be that its a theory that illustrates an individuals or society’s different perspectives and social locations. Deriving from Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It, is one of his most well known speeches on how the world is a stage, which Goffman builds his theory on. Therefore, according to him, the minute an individual is born he becomes a character in the making, he states that individuals are thrown onto a stage that is our day to day lives and that our socialisation constitutes of internalising how to play out our societal assigned roles that we get from different social institutions. 
We act out our roles in other individuals company, who in turn are acting out their own roles in their interaction with our company. Goffman believed that whatever the actor does, even if its as an individual, some sort of performing is always going to take place, on this massive stage we call life.
Goffman dichotomised this stage of life into the front stage and the back stage; according to him, the front stage is the social locations where theres always other characters and therefore we are putting up an act depending on who we are with or where we are and the back stage is where we can truly just be ourselves without having any pressure from any agency. Often, we also prepare and practice for the return ourselves on the front stage. 
So, when individuals post pictures of their food on Facebook and Instagram, there are a lot of other answered we get to questions nobody really asks. For instance on both Facebook and Instagram you can add your location as to where you are in the photograph, most people 90% the time will add their location and a filter to their photograph and upload it. This portrays that the individual has dined at a fancy place, the restaurant, bar or cafe is probably in trend, because of the ambiance of the place and the styling of the food the audience can always tell if its a high-end restaurant or not therefore giving it more value. So for a person who usually eats at home, home food that consists of your lentils and rice and grains in a steel plate, posting a picture of food thats completely different portrays to the audience that the individual is having a good time going to new places and trying new things. But in actuality, this is just the actor portraying himself on the front stage in a manner that will make him gain more acceptance or popularity or whatever the actor is internally seeking for. His backstage is him eating at home in a very laid-back manner but that is not what the actor shows to his audience on his Instagram.