The dream for success. Gatsby had aThe dream for success. Gatsby had a

The story about a man who grew up with nothing, but a dream to be something astonishing and even if he achieves this he still has one thing he wants, but is still out of reach. As a child, Gatsby wanted to become a wealthy and successful man with everything he’d dreamed of and in the end he reaches all of his goals, but before he can finish his quest for perfection he is abruptly stopped by an unchangeable force. While many of the people Nick meets in New York such as Daisy and Tom who are sucked up in the storm of wealth and fake lust for each other, Jay Gatsby is different. He has devotion and true feelings worth more than what money can buy. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald tells a story about a man of many traits and multiple personalities that are adapted over the life of a young, poor boy to a mysteriously, wealthy man that he has somehow become with a dream for success. Gatsby had a raw desire to succeed when he was younger. He grew up on an old farm with a very poor family in an old shed, and for some odd reason he had this dream to aspire to become the best. Young Gatsby had a book where he wrote his notes and it was like his little diary, but in the back of it there was a schedule of his day step by step with exact times and all of it was in order. He had small side notes and with every word pronounced something bigger to become of him. Like his dream wasn’t as far away as you’d think and with the same dedication he could prosper to become the dream man he describes. In addition to this Gatsby uses the phrase “Old Sport” (used throughout the story) that he picked up from a drunken sailor who took Gatsby in as his own, but in reality Gatsby was the one taking care of him because he was always getting drunk. Dan Cody built Gatsby to be the man he is in the story without even trying because the skills Gatsby had to adapt to take care of the two of them had to be picked up on quickly and precisely. Although Dan Cody wasn’t much of a role model, Gatsby still uses the words “Old Sport” when he talks for more important reasons. These words were used to make himself sound better when he speaks because they sound more professional in his eyes and hopefully others as well. Starting from such low status makes these goals seem unreachable, but some part of Gatsby sees no reason to believe that he can’t make it big and become as wealthy as many others. Since he’s done the impossible it leaves people to wonder how in the world he’s done this and what he could be hiding behind that mysterious background and utter adherence. After everything he has done to make it big and get everything he has ever wanted he still pursues to have more. When Gatsby gets his large extravagant house, a fancy bright yellow car, and a boatload of people rushing in through his front doors every weekend he still thinks about the one thing he doesn’t have. Daisy. Day and night all Gatsby ever thinks and wonders about is Daisy and how she’s doing or what she’s doing. He won’t stop until he can have her for himself to share all his accomplishments and belongings. Plus all the things he’s done for her and with her that are different than what he’d do for any other person. If she asked for something he would get it to her right away, as for anyone else he would think of ways to get it to them soon, but not as his main concern. His one true priority amongst all his other activities is Daisy Buchanan. In the story Gatsby confronts Tom with these words; “Your wife doesn’t love you,” says Gatsby. “She’s never loved you. She loves me.”(Ch 7, Pg) This statement shows the confidence Gatsby has towards Tom and stands tall for what he believes in and that’s Daisy. His motivation to be dedicated to her is all balance upon what he had in the past with her and to Gatsby that’s all that matters. He feels that he is the only one she loves and has ever loved because that’s how he feels.: In addition, Gatsby believes that he is her only true love and she has never felt feelings for another man ever since their kiss. Tom was just a cover up for her until he showed up again and in Gatsby’s mind this was true, but in reality Daisy did love Tom at one point and time. Gatsby just pictures it as since he loves her and only her and that they fit so well together that Daisy should feel the same, but it’s not true. Just because he feels this way doesn’t mean that she does too and although he knows this is somewhat true he still prowled after her with every ounce of love he had for her. All of Gatsby’s feelings go straight to Daisy with no questions asked and this is strange coming from a man who has everything anyone could ever dream of having, but Gatsby is diferent. He seeks for more whenever he has the chance to, even if this “more” was someone who has already married another man. His dedication towards her is unbearable like nothing we’ve ever seen and this comes from being a young boy living in a shed. It’s almost the same thing, but at different times and when Gatsby was a boy his “Daisy” was to become the best and now that he has, he pursues to have more. Sometimes Gatsby can be so optimistic that it’s scarce because it’s as if he can’t get angry or aggravated at any instant over any topic. Whenever something has gone wrong in Gatsby’s life he always seeks to find the bright side of things even when there is nothing but a glimpse of light to be found. “She will call”(Ch 8, Pg), says Gatsby in the meer minutes of his last breath. He was so certain that she would make the call to him that they could run off together and forget about everything that has happened and live normal ordinary lives. It wasn’t that he hoped she’d do it, but that this is what he wanted and fellt this is what she wanted. His optimism and beliefs blinded him from seeing the possibilities that she might not call and she would leave without him with Tom. What would he do then? And since there is no evidence as to where the Buchanans are heading Gatsby would have no way of finding them and his quest for true love would never end. Similarly to Daisy, whenever he was with Daisy he acted differently and whenever he wasn’t with her, she’s almost all he would think or talk about. Every party and gathering was meant for her as well as getting to be friends with Nick. He saw that Nick had some sort of connection with Daisy and this was his Gateway to getting to her, and since he has already gotten everything he’s ever wanted he knew it would be easy to become Nick’s friend. This isn’t the true point in this though, he always had this emotional unbreakable bond with Daisy that only he possessed. Growing up as a kid he never knew he had as much optimism as a grown man, but he did. It was as if it was blind to him and he has just taken it in as a trait of his that has just grown onto him over the years, but he has had it his whole life. With Dan Cody and his old man he always had motivation to find the bets in the situation like taking care of a man when he is drunk or offering a man to a ride on his plane. Nick sees that he has this blind optimism about him and even when he knows almost nothing true about him he still hangs with him because of the small bit of curiosity for what else he has to offer. Overall Gatsby started out with nothing and became something great. He acquired many skills and talents through the years of hanging around people who made him who he is, the better man that he is. The times he’s learned to always seek for the positive side of things and to be determined to become the Great Gatsby. A very wealthy man accels through this story with everyone’s curiosity going with him as he fights to find everything he’s dreamed of becoming. So as Gatsby’s goal to have everything he’s ever wanted comes true, there is still something he desires, one thing he dreams about every night and day about. The last thing he thinks about before falling asleep and the first thing he thinks about when he awakens. That one thing is what Gatsby leaves as his lasting impression of himself for everyone to know what he strives for; Daisy.