The European borders, anyway went as suchThe European borders, anyway went as such

The first law in the world to regulate euthanasia was
prepared to precise conditions in Holland. However, his opponents accused the
government at the time of issuing this law to reduce expenses Medical treatment
and medicines for citizens.


That discussion for this idea didn’t stop toward those
Belgian or European borders, anyway went as such as with arrive at the
outskirts of the Islamic Also Bedouin nations with turn to a few of them Also
battle them through their laws, same time whatever remains of those gathering
disregarded him, acknowledging it an issue may be not disputable.

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Available in the West. Forbidden in the east

Holland and Belgium were among the first countries to adopt
a law authorizing euthanasia in difficult cases. The first was
“euthanasia” under a law passed by the House of Representatives and
the Senate, which contained harsh conditions for its application. Healing of
the patient, suffering severe pain and unnecessary suffering, and repeated and
urgent request from the patient to end his life, to become
“euthanasia” and for the first time in the history of mankind,
organized at the civil, social and legal.

Luxembourg, Russia and Switzerland, and then some of the
United States, Washington, passed through its laws, giving its citizens the
possibility of getting rid of the life they no longer like, thus becoming an example
for the countries of Australia, New Zealand, France and others.


While the situation in the Arab countries is different,
there is no space for a law that allows for euthanasia, which is considered a
form of “soul-killing,” despite the existence of Arab states that
have been able to refer negatively to the concept in their laws.


The Lebanese law, for example, adopted a copy of the French
text, a maximum of ten years imprisonment shall be punished by the intentional
killing of a person because of his insistence on the request.