The first one is education. Itemphasis onThe first one is education. Itemphasis on

The author correctly mentions in his opening statement that continuous improvement andteamwork are very important for a company to be successful. He then gives an example to understand theconcept of “Leaders won’t support something that they don’t understand.” He gives an example where thetop executive, Joe is not ready to participate in a team building exercise because he feels that, this is notwhat executives do. He had never done this kind of training before and had no idea about this teambuilding exercise and so he forced the author to tell him the exercise and the solution to it as well. Thishappened because he wasn’t ready to learn something he didn’t know and didn’t support the idea.The scenario is the same with six sigma tools. If a team reports its success to the leader, he won’tappreciate that efforts because he doesn’t have any understanding of the tool. The author rightly said thatlack of understanding is a hurdle. He then explained the barriers between departments in the samecompany by giving another example. In this example Mr. Smith wanted to become the CEO and wantedhis department to be the best (this is what short- term goals do. It harms the company). Mr. Edwardworked hard to increase the level of his department and still had to leave the company because ofcorporate politics.The author gives three tips to bring the executives on board. The first one is education. Itemphasis on the point that leaders must accept what they don’t know and attend trainings to help them getacquainted with new concepts and to show support and teamwork. I do agree with this tip, because if theleader and the team are on the same page, their efforts get recognized and appreciated. Efforts should befrom all the level including the CEO. Everybody in the company is accountable for its growth. The leadershould share with the employee about the loss the company will have to face if the improvement doesn’thappen as planned and inculcate in them the importance of quality improvementThe second one is to tie improvement efforts to strategic goals. In this the author says to includethe finance group into the improvement process team to illustrate that the results are real. While designinga team for the quality improvement, a member from not only the finance group but all related departmentsto the project should be there, it facilitates proper flow of knowledge and helps perfectly in evaluation ofthe result. Ideas from every department can help to increase the quality and the continuous improvementgoal of the company. As Deming says, every department should see the other department as an internalcustomer and when this is adopted the barriers begin to reduce.The last one is to follow what the executives say, because they don’t like being told about what todo next. The author says that when a new executive comes in, the team might have to adjust according tohis new ideas or else he might shut down the entire initiative. So, for a leader it is very important to knowthat just because he is leading the team doesn’t mean he is always correct. Growth and changes happeneventually especially when its related to achieving the continuous improvement goal. The leader shouldbe open to learning and should actively participate in the trainings and the team building exercises.Always do the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle on the current methods and then decide the goals.Every employee irrespective of the position in the company must absorb the language of quality. Qualityimprovement should begin from the top, this boosts individuals to establish development goals forthemselves and their group. The employees and the team members shouldn’t hesitate to go and talk withthe leader about new ideas, because communication is the key to success. If communication acts like anobstacle then it is difficult to accomplish the goal. The leader should clearly lay out the idea and state thedeviations and the causes. Assign tasks according to the employee’s strength and try to follow up afterevery meeting to check if they are clear about the assignment or not. Also, motivate them to suggestsolutions when you make them aware about the problem.Related article: