The Five Pillars Of Islam are consideredThe Five Pillars Of Islam are considered

The Five Pillars Of Islam are basically five guidelines that you must follow in order to bea Muslim. These pillars contain important information about this faith that must beremembered, believed in wholeheartedly and recited by everyone of the Muslim faith. Ifa Muslim can not follow these pillars it is not a guarantee that they will live a good andresponsible life, but if all 5 are obeyed and followed than they will in fact live a good andresponsible life. The Five Pillars Of Islam are considered to be the most importantMuslim practice within the Muslim belief, These pillars provide a spiritual foundation andfunction in the Muslim community.The first pillar is? Shahadah? which is a prayer or statement of the Islamic faith thatbasically states “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”.This pillar is to be learned and recited to others wholeheartedly and if it can not be donethan you are not considered to be a Muslim. This process must be done at least 3 timesand if it is done correctly then and only then can you become a full Muslim. Thisstatement is also required to be said out loud. The Shahadah is written on the flag ofSaudi Arabia because this is said to be where Islam’s holiest places are. The Shahadahis also written in Arabic and must be recited in Arabic as well.The second pillar is ?Salat? this is the prayer ritual for Muslims that requires them to pray5 times a day the proper way. These prayers must be prayed towards Mecca which isthe birthplace of Muhammad and the holiest city for Muslims located in Saudi Arabia.There are certain times in the day which the Muslims are required to pray which isDawn, midday, the late part of the afternoon, just after sunset, between sunset andmidnight. Keeping these prayer times set the tone of the day for Muslims. The Muslimsteach their children to pray and encourage them to pray as very small children as youngas 7 years of age. This prayer ritual is about 1400 years old and it is still very strictlyexercised today within the Muslim faith. In Islamic countries they do a public call toprayer so that everyone is notified to prayer when there out even the non-Muslims.These prayers are used to unite the body, mind, and soul in prayer.The third pillar is ?Zakat? which is the pillar of giving back. All Muslims are required togive 2.5% of their wealth to help the poor, sick and needy. Zakat is not one of the pillarsthat is regulated by the government but most Muslims like to do it as a sort of gooddeed or righteous duty to their faith. With charity giving comes benefits which areObeying God, Helping a person see that God is the all time provider and that everythingcomes from him, and lastly you must not cling on things because you can not take themwith you when you die. Giving offers self discipline, lack of greed, being honest, notbeing to involved with one’s self.The fourth pillar is ?Sawm ?this is the fasting pillar which is the hardest one in my opinion.This pillar requires Muslims to fast during the 9 mouth of the Islamic calendar which iscalled Ramadan. During this fast which last 29 or 30 days you are required to give upfood or drink or any kind, smoking and sexual acts during the hours of daylight ( all daylol). This fast is found to be a purification and also shows discipline and devotions to thefaith.This fast makes the faith stronger and brings supports fellowship amongst theMuslim faith.The fifth pillar is ?Hajj ?this pillar is the uniting of all ethnic groups of Muslim they allgather together in Mecca and stand before the kaaba which is a small stone building inthe midst of great Mosque and pray to Allah together. This was created to bond Islamicgroups and create brotherhoods among the faith. Muslims wear simple white clothescalled Ihram during this time which happens once a year, this occurs during the 12month of the Islamic lunar calendar year called Dhul Hijjah.