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present world is the era of science and technology.  So, new evil chances and new crimes are
created by new technologies. Among them cybercrime is the most horrific global
phenomenon. Cybercrime is also known as computer crime. Here computer use as a
tool for doing illegal work, like making fraud, stealing identities or
infringing privacy.  Specially through
the internet, cybercrime has become terrible problem as the computer has become
the heart of business, government and recreation. In the 21st century
no country will be found in the world that has not been attacked by one sort of
cybercrime .


There are
many types of cybercrimes.  Among them
the most occurring cybercrimes are given below:1

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Tax re-fund fraud

Corporate account takeover

Identity theft

Theft of sensitive data

Theft of intellectual property

Counterfeiting and forgery


Computer viruses

Denial of service attacks

 Steganography and
e-mail hacking

Child soliciting and Abuse

 Phishing Scams

 Online Scams


Email Bombing

Virus Dissemination

Logic Bombs

Social Media Hack & Spamming

Electronic Money Laundering

Sales & Investment Fraud

Eavesdropping & Surveillance

Software Piracy

Data Diddling

Slicing Attak

Web Jacking

Cyber Stalking

Cyber Bullying


Cyber crime by game


A pie chart of top 20 countries with the highest rate of

Students Cyber Crime:

Students are usually cyber crime with their friends or
classmates to make fun or take revenge.They are doing this by hacking their
friends’ facebook password.

by game:

gaming is the world’s top scorer and is flowing with players who are
fascinating their  and friends through
battles, races strategic warfare, but it is a criminal activity.We know about
blue whale suicide game.Before you win,there are a total of 50 levels in the
game.The game starts with fun activities first,which can easily attract and
attach your mind.But the level of the game is going to be as awesome as it
is.In most cases,young people between 14 and 18 years of age are playing this

Let’s talk
to our little kids, spending time with them as friends.Parents should be keep
in check that their  childrens are not
addicted to the dangerous game or unpleasant game such as the blue whale. Let
them familiarize themselves with the playground,try to mix physical
games,stories,some trips, and the last of them together to try to mix them
together .

Web Jacking: 7

happens when someone forced to control a website (password by hacking and then
changing it). The actual owner of the website does not have any control over
the web site.


        Reasons for cybercrime are many. They
are stated below:




Our country is also at the risk of
cybercrime. For preventing cybercrime, some 
common types of Information Security Network 

Protection( ISNP) packages are as



2.Conseal PC


4.Protect X

5.Sygate Firewall

6.Win Route Pro

7.Zone Alarm

8.At Guard

9.Esafe Desktop

10.Hack tracer


Firewall 2000


       Some effective steps to prevent
cybercrime are as follows:456


In today’s world, cybercrime has become a real threat. It is
impossible to remove cybercrime from the cyber space. But it is not impossible
to check cybercrime.  Strict information
Technology Act should be imposed to make it more effective to resist cybercrime.
People of all classes should be aware of cybercrime.



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3 .

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