The Gentlemen The authors carried out theThe Gentlemen The authors carried out the

The Emotions and personality of a person determines the
different decisions and/or reactions to a situation or desire of merchandise. The
two paper that are being discussed both are related to how there is a change
personality of a person according to the situation or condition that they are

One research is carried out in a restricted environment,
high security prison where the inmates/prisoners are used a commodity or cheap
labor (one can even say slavery). There is lack of supply of desired products
(food mostly) and due to the dehumanization of the prisoners they fell inferior
which leads towards substance abuse.

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 Another is carried
out in a university where all the participants are students, the environment
where this is carried out is a safe zone and the student have the luxury of
their choices of products that they desire. The research aims seek the answer
to the question if the personality plays a role when buying a brand or product.

Quantitative Research

Consumption on
Restriction in a total control institution: Participatory action research in
maximum security prison by Ronald Paul Hill, Justine M. Rapp, Michael L.
Capella and the Gramercy Gentlemen

The authors carried out the research to examine the consumer
decision making under the condition of restriction of choices (imposed by the
institutional forces), the research was carried out for over 18 months using
the prisoners as research subjects. The authors finding reveals the impact of
dehumanization of prisoners leads towards the various down negative
psychological changes of the prisoners (Hill, et al., 2015). From this part forward, this paper
will be called as Essay one.

Qualitative Research

Discovering Consumer
Personality Clusters in Prestige Sensitivity and Fashion Consciousness Context by
Riza Casidy

The aim of the research examine/discover the distinct
personalities of the consumers regarding the extent of fashion consciousness
and prestige sensitivity. Data for the report were collected form 251 students
(undergraduate) using self-administrated questionnaires. The study used the Big
five scale items to measure consumer(students) personality when it comes to brands (Casidy, 2012). From this part
forward, this paper will be called as Essay two.

In essay one, the authors research method can be described
as interpretive and pragmatic. The research was carried was carried out in a
controlled environment, that being a correctional institute. Housing about 4000
inmates of diverse background, it is mentioned 50 % black, 38% white, 11%
Hispanic, 1 % listed as others. The authors had a large pool of individual of
data collection from different background and culture. Almost every inmate
arriving at the jail is an unskilled laborer. The inmates have a reading level
of or below grade eight and more than 40% of them haven’t graduated from high

The research was carried out for 18 months, as
this gives the opportunity for the researchers/authors ample time for them to
carry out research.  As of the sensitive
nature of the environment (being in the