The hard put to do company controlThe hard put to do company control

The Hershey CompanyThe Hershey Company is involved in producing chocolates, snacks, candies and so on. Below we are going provide the SWOT analysis for The Hershey Company. Strengths1. Well-known brand (brand recognition) – The Hershey has 42% of U.S. Market Share in the chocolate industry whereas its biggest competitor Mars gets only 25%. 2. Public Image – Establishing The Milton Hershey School for orphan children, and continuous donations for social and environmental care. 3. Worldwide distribution – hershey’s is engaged in distribution of its products in about 60 countries. 4. Wide variety of products – it produces over 50 product variants.5. Employee benefits and perks – creating extra convenience for employees by including housing, parks and schools in Hershey’s facility6. Over 1000 of raw material suppliers for The Hershey Company make its supply chain big and helps Hershey to reach markets effectively.7. Strong management has been of the key factors of success to compete 8. Stockholder’s benefits – decent amount of dividends paid quaterly9. Superior customer service (Ex: toll-free line 1-800-468-1714)10. Continuous research and investments in R. Hershey has more long-term debt than key competitors2. Company is hard put to do company control because of entering different geographic market.3. Advertisement expenses increased by 46 %4. liquid position5. Product recall affecting the brand reputation6. Intense competition means limited market share growth 7. Increase geographic coverage leading to dilution and lesser authority.8. Hershey’s does not purchase in an organized manner for which it is criticized. Hershey’s does not use fair trade practices as expected from such a top company.9. The segment is such that there are many small and regional players thereby cutting the market share in different regions.10. The problem with Hershey’s is that it is easy to duplicate, and this is the problem being faced in developing nations where counterfeit Hershey’s is found.OpportunitiesMore up to date advancements and items. Global development can expand business deals.Improvements in distribution. Clients need to wealthier items/changing tastes.5.  Hershey included International Cocoa Initiative Foundation. 6.  Hershey serve dim chocolate for medical advantage.7.  Hershey focus on many industry segments.8.  Hershey has control correspondence the two clients and providers.9.  The company products cocoa in new areas.10. Company has a lot of different market area because of increasing in global trade.  As you can see, Hershey has been grown up more than Mars/Wrigley and Nestle in Chocolate Market Share.  Threats1.Intense competition in this category2. Increasing concerns of health, increasing occurrences of obesity and diabetes3.Change in consumer tastes4. Increasing prices of milk and sugar5.Increasing base price for chocolate raw materials change according to different geographic areas.6.Lack of government support to developing countries (poor education of new technologies)7.Increase cost of manufacturing technology process because of always improving of technology8. Steady increase of minimum wage of employees for future years.9.Steady price increase of milk and sugar.10.Decreasing agricultural areas because these areas use for establishing factory, buildings.