The he freaks out and he wantsThe he freaks out and he wants

The start of the show Eleanor wake ups in “The Good Place”. There is this old guy sitting across from her and his name is Michael. He asks her are you Eleanor and making sure its her. When she guys outside it is the nicest place you could be in ever in the world. They make your house after your dream house and they have there soulmates living in the same house with them. His name is Chidi and they are meant for eachother. But when they are talking nothing they are saying is matching up they don’t have the same things in common. But aren’t they supposed to be meant for eachother that raises some red flags. She quickly tells Chidi that she isn’t supposed to be in the good place. Chidi is the type person who can’t lie or do anything really bad. So when he hears the news he freaks out and he wants to tell Michael about this mistake. But Eleanor reconfigured his mind so he wouldn’t sinch on her. Instead of telling he helps her become better with ethics and this is the first ethics part in the show. So after this Eleanor goes to “class” with Chidi every day to help her get better being a good person. But Chidi is still thinking of telling Michael about this mistake with Eleanor. He keeps helping her but she is finding it is really hard to be really good and not be bad. But then all hell breaks loose because everything Eleanor hates is happening in the good place but it is 10 times worse. Then there is a note left at her doorstep saying i know your a mistake. This is where she starts to freak out and trying to figure out who it is but she can’t find out who it is. One night she was walking and the monk walks out and says I am also a mistake but monks don’t speak so that’s why she knew he was a mistake.  Now this is the second ethics part in this is Eleanor going to tell Tahani about jason (the monk) to his soulmate. But she keeps it a secret incase Tahani tells Michael then she will be screwed to because she is also a mistake in the good place. Well now Jason is in the class with Eleanor. Because he is trying to learn ethics too so he can stay in the good place. Eleanor is starting to get better with this whole ethics thing but she is still not very good at it. Her biggest problem is that she is super rude to people, selfish and she sold fake drugs to old people that didn’t know what they were buying. So going from that to being the best person in the world and that doesn’t do anything wrong and is super nice to everyone. They were picking up trash from Eleanors mess of everything she hated. That was the first major thing she did that was good for the town but the thing is that if she didnt clean it up it wouldn’t be ethical because it would look bad on her. But she did clean it up and they had this flying around the town and she had to pass that up to clean up and that was really hard for her not accepting the offer of flying because she has always wanted to fly that was her dream but she still denied it. So Eleanor was getting better but Jason was not he was getting worse and worse. He wants to be the real him and show what he is really like and not some monk that doesn’t talk or speak because he is the exact opposite of that type of person. He keeps playing loud music in the house and and dancing, singing screaming everything a monk wouldn’t do. But Eleanor doesn’t want Tahani to find out because she will flip out like Chidi would and tell people and get them kicked out. Chidi is still teaching Eleanor Ethics and on her own she starts to do good things like holding the door open for people or letting people go ahead of her in a long line of people because she couldn’t decide what she wanted for food at this restaurant. They went to this party for the whole town and to have a meeting kinda. But Michael had a different plan for that night Thani wanted to know if Jason could talk so she asked Michael if he would ask Jason to do the Toast for the night. Before this Eleanor had been “helping Jason with speaking but really they were teaching him to be a good person. But Michael asked the question and Eleanor knows he wants to express himself so she has to do something about it and she’s trying to think and then she gets a idea. There is this cake that her neighbor has been working on for three days straight and she decides to smash the cake to make a distraction for all the people so Jason didn’t have to do the toast. But when she crushes the cake there is this big rumble and the floor just drops from under people. One guy almost dies in the act but someone helped him out of the hole. The girl that owned the restaurant had just opened the store and now there is a sinkhole in the middle of it.   Eleanor loves being a good person so much wants Chidi to teach her all day that’s how much she loves it. But there is also a really big problem with that because Chidi is starting to not wanting to teach eleanor about ethics anymore. He is getting tired of doing it because it is his vacation he can do whatever he likes and whenever. He has no job but teaching her is like a job and he didn’t want a “job” anymore. He would rather be out on a lake drinking wine and reading a book for hours.  Eleanor can not be nice anymore she went back to her old ways