The he tells Jared and Shaun aboutThe he tells Jared and Shaun about

The episode starts with a lady leaving Shaun’s room. He needs someone to help him in his apartment. Then Dr. Andrews is meeting Claire, Shaun and Jared about the VIP patient. Dr. Andrews has room for two more resident surgeons to help do the surgeries. They pick out papers and the papers have the VIP or helping Dr. Coyle. When they open their papers, Jared and Shaun getting the VIP patient and Claire with Dr. Coyle. They then head over to Bobby, the VIP pro-gamer patient. Dr. Andrews is psyched as he tells Jared and Shaun about what Bobby accomplished in his career as a gamer. Apart from being a world-class gamer, Bobby is also wealthy. When they get into the elevator Dr. Glassman calls Shaun. Dr. Glassman introduces Shaun to Dr. Melissa Bourne, a therapist that he’s been wanting Shaun to meet before. Shaun awkwardly says hello. Dr. Glassman thought it would be a good idea for them to meet before the official session, but Shaun is apparently uncomfortable with it. Glassman pushes him to give Dr. Bourne a chance, to which Shaun says yes. He leaves and almost has an angry breakdown outside Glassman’s office. Dr. Andrews, Dr. Melendez, and Jared finally meet Bobby and tell him about his condition. His elbow ligament is torn and needs an operation immediately. Andrews assures him the best care, to which Bobby happily thanks him. Shaun arrives a few minutes later visibly shaken. He insists that he’s okay and proceeds to assess Bobby’s arm. Shaun has him squeeze his hands as he figues out the damage in Bobby’s elbow with his photographic memory. Instead of freaking out, Bobby obliges.Shaun tries to explain the causes, but Melendez cuts him off and tells Bobby to prepare for surgery. As the doctors leave, Bobby asks Shaun what’s wrong. Shaun tells him about his condition, but Bobby already figured that out. Bobby thinks they don’t respect Shaun and advises him to find the right strategy. Just like a video game, the stakes are high for Shaun, and this time, it’s Bobby’s arm.In the operating room, the four surgeons work on Bobby’s elbow with expert precision. Shaun tries to do the same by telling Melendez that he has beautiful hair. Shaun hopes that by doing so would make Melendez consider his idea. On the other hand, Andrews has Jared step in operation but he gets overwhelmed, and Andrews tells Melendez that he just wants to give Jared the opportunity to show them what he can do.After his shift, Shaun goes outside but then remembers that his therapy session at home, so he runs back to the hospital to set up a makeshift cot for him to sleep. The next day, Shaun sees Glassman on the elevator. He asks Shaun how the session went, to which he lies and says that it went well. Glassman figures out that Shaun didn’t go home. He offers him a bribe to meet with Melissa three times and he will buy Shaun the surround system for his new TV. Shaun agrees, but still not at peace with the idea.Back in Bobby’s room, he thanks the doctors for a job well done. He asks Shaun what he did during the operation, Shaun dis minimal work so Bobby asks him further. Shaun then tells him that his muscle weakness, along with his high body temperature, could be an early indicator of multiple sclerosis. He orders an MRI for Bobby. Outside, Melendez confronts Shaun about his diagnosis. The argument intensifies as Shaun asks Melendez if he respects him. To ease the tension, Jared sides with Shaun, saying that with Bobby being a pro-athlete, the slightest problem could lead to problematic results.During the test, Bobby congratulates Shaun for pushing through with his idea. Shaun takes this all and shares about his dilemma of not wanting to see a therapist. Bobby kind of acts like a therapist towards Sean.  Shaun and Jared show Melendez the MRI results. It turns out that Shaun discovered an anomaly that’s encasing a vital part of Bobby’s brain. Melendez takes this to an oncologist for analysis. It’s a tricky spot for the malignant tumor to be in, but its removal is still possible. However, it is revealed that she met Bobby three years ago for cancer treatment.Shocked, the three surgeons confront Bobby about his previous cancer operation. Bobby thought it didn’t have anything to do with his elbow injury, but Melendez believes otherwise, saying that it would have helped them figure out what Shaun discovered. During a body scan scan, Shaun and Jared discover an even larger mass in Bobby’s brain.They then inform Bobby of the findings, that the tumor’s position makes it inoperable. Bobby is devastated but accepts his fate. He’s a had a good run, and if his time comes, there’s nothing he could do about it.Glassman tells Bobby that something can still work for his tumor removal, the only catch is that he’ll be paralyzed from the left side of his body, leaving him with a permanent disability. Bobby agrees to do the operation. He’s prepared to learn how to live with the disability no matter what the cost—even losing his pro-gaming career. Glassman tells Bobby that he has his respect through a fist bump.At first, the operation goes perfectly fine. However, Bobby’s temperature and heart rate suddenly rise. Glassman is too far in his brain, and forcibly retracting his tools could result in permanent brain damage. Together, they find that the anesthetic isn’t working well with his body, and they proceed to cool him down by using another one. Finally, the operation turns out a success.When Claire met Dr. Coyle for the first time, she’s instantly flattered. He’s incredibly caring and wants the best for his team. He asks Claire about their patient’s condition, to which she answers expertly. The patient has a swelling foot, and a double-incision fasciotomy can relieve it.Coyle wants her to have fun while doing the procedure, so he lets her do the significant steps to wrap their patient up. The next day, Claire tends to the patient’s leg after the operation. It’s an excellent job by Claire, and Coyle couldn’t be more impressed. Coyle then gently rubs Claire’s back and commends her for a job well done. Later, Claire goes to Shaun and Jared and asks one of them to trade places with her. She feels uncomfortable in her situation. Neither wants to do it. Jared tells her that she shouldn’t worry.That night, Claire tells her patient  that it’s getting better and the swelling will end soon. The patient then tells her about what she observed with Claire and Dr. Coyle. Then, the patient’s heart rate suddenly drops, and she has difficulty breathing. Claire intubates her as Coyle comes in and she takes the lead .Later, as Claire checks up on her patient, Coyle once again makes an advance towards Claire. The next day, Claire tells Jared about the incident, and he advises her to go to the HR and file a complaint. Claire gets mad too because she feels that Jared is blaming her. Later in the day, Jared comes up to Dr. Coyle in the locker room and threatens to beat him down if he ever comes near Claire. Meanwhile, Claire finally talks to Dr. Andrews about it, to which Andrews also meant to talk about with Claire.The episode ends with Bobby in recovery and telling Shaun that he can make it and no one can say to him what he can or can’t do. Shaun takes this as a huge piece of advice for his therapy dilemma. Claire confronts Jared about his violent behavior against Dr. Coyle. It is revealed that Jared got fired for assaulting a fellow employee.Glassman forces Shaun to come with him to see the therapist. Shaun reaches a tipping point, and he yells no and screams at Glassman. Glassman tries to calm him down, but Shaun hits his head while repeating Bobby’s advice of making his own decisions. Glassman accidentally gets slapped by Shaun as he runs away.