The Horseshoe curves is a shape knownThe Horseshoe curves is a shape known

The Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the most significant architecture that located in Spain. Abd Al-Rahman l (r. 756-788) who was one of the Umayyad person who escaped to Spain (Al-Andalus). He was supporting Muslims who lived their. Cordoba was the capital of Spain from 756 to 1031. Moreover,Umayyad winners started building the Cordoba mosque in 785. The Cordoba mosque sit nearest the a Christian church built by Visigoths. Like the Dome of the Rock, the choice of place was functional and symbolic. These days the walls of the Cordoba mosque about 620 by 460 feet because it has been expanded by later rulers. The patio was planted with fruit trees such as Oranges and Apples. Inside, the proliferation of pattern are colorful and dramatic. Horseshoe curves is a shape known from Roman circumstances and supported by Visigoths. These curves firmly associated with Islamic architecture in the West. the transpotions of white stone and red-block voussoirs shaping the bends curve is another excellent component that received from Roman and Byzantine. This mixture of materials helped the building withstand earthquakes. In addition, prayer hall in the Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the most beautiful prayer hall in Islamic architecture. Abd al-Rahman lll and his son were focusing in of patronage in the Great Mosque of Cordoba. He constructed a tremendous redesign ,for instance, new mihrab with three inlets before it. The maqsura is an enclosure in front of of the mihrab reserved from the ruler and other dignitaries. Minbar is the place where the prayer leader pray and it is very simbol. The minbor below in brilliant color and small gold pieces. Furthermore, the dome before the mihrab in the Great Mosque of Cordoba has a melon-molded. The design of the dome reflect the Islamic interest in mathematics and geometry because it seems like a random web of crisscrossing arches. The patterned mosaics on the dome is very stylized vegetation, brilliant color and gold, and geometric motifs. Byzantine were installed these things. Finally, the qibla wall is the wall of the prayer hall that closest to Mecca in KSA- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is very important for Muslims to know the qibla because it the direction for them. It is look very historical and tradition. It has an edge for figures of divine beings or precursor in Roman design.