The humor and the play of wordsThe humor and the play of words


The famous British comedy Mind your language was formerly
aired by the British Broadcasting Cooperation and BBC One. The comedy is about
a bunch of foreign students who are learning English in the United Kingdom. The
Comedy focuses on some of the issues and the tasks that they face when they are
learning the language as well as the terms and the way they interact with each
other. The main idea you can infer from this is the fact that most of the
people and the actors are from various nationalities, they have different
values as well as different interpretations of situation and the English
language in general. This is evident through the way they speak, interact with
each other as well as respond to some of the questions that the teacher


You can see that there are different people from different
nationalities and that the way they interact the language they use, the comedy
aspect comes out when you take for example the way they respond to the
situation as well as how they behave in the class. As you can see if the
comedy. There is a lot of rhetorical humor and the play of words is very well
thought out. From the comedy there is a lot of satirical humor as well as puns
that are repeated as well as the accents and the gestures which will be
analyzed later on in the paper will be described in more detail as well as the
use of rhetorical puns and humor in order to convey the message to the

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The first topic that is evident is that of rhetorical humor
and the use of puns and the play on words this is evident through segments of
the comedy. This play of words and the pus are intended to make sure that there
is a bit of comic relief and the fact that it seems catchy. Like for example
Ali says gift instead of present, when Mr. Brown is taking attendance and
little wordings here and there are what we call a pun, or a play of words, such
is the case of rhetorical humor, for example gift means present in literate
terms but in the context of the questions he is asking it is not the correct
answer. This play of words is what makes the comedy really unique for example
when you talk about wording and a play of words we are referring to a
interpretation to a situation that has more than one meaning but the context is


The second topic I would like to talk about is the basis of
cultural and ethnicity and the way it shapes a society, this comedy is the
perfect example of how people from different cultures can come together and
interact and associate. They have different traditions and value systems and
most of them have strong accent and beliefs. Such as Ranjeet and Ali they show
their religions through their dressing and the way they portray themselves.

Such as the Muslim outfits and the Turban which in a sense
promotes. Although it is hilarious the way their interpretations are and the
way they react to the teacher’s questions and their responses in class, the
bigger picture it is trying to convey is the fact that there is diversity and
diversity is power. That an open society has to be willing to accommodate and
accept people from various background and cultures.


The third point I have to take away from this is the way they
treat the African guy, in this case the Inspector the education inspector. It
may be hilarious they want Mr. Brown makes it sound like he is a student and
mistakes him for one. Also they want he ask question such as your English is
pretty good or how did you come here did you fly. Well these may have been
funny but there is a message behind this. The message which I inferred from this
is the fact that during the time when the film was shot which were around the
80 or earlier those were times when there was a lot of racial tensions. Between
the white and the Colored. You can tell Mr. Brown is trying to underestimate
the potential of the Inspector by stating that his English is good or how did
he manage to come to Britain. This means that he is indirectly being prejudice
to the inspector. This although in a comedy form, shows s that there is a lot
of profiling that may have gone on at that time, sometimes people are oblivious
to what other races have to offer and the fact they are educated and well to do


Overall I feel from the two comedies clips, is the fact that
it is trying to portray a lot of different issues and these issues have been
portrayed in a comical manner but have a deeper meaning. The meanings I managed
to get out of it and justify is the fact that first it is trying to show us
that diversity and cultural tolerance is vital for a great society and also the
fact that the play of words and the humor promotes and shows that people were
tolerate to each other and that promotes patience and acceptance in society.
The final point is related to the racial profiling and questioning. Suh as the
way Miss Courtney questions Mr. Brown about the job and the details. This shows
that at that time power and role is society is vital. More powerful people tend
to walk over others in society and the way Mr. Brown responded to the Inspector
made it clear that there was a lack of understanding and racial tolerance. The
deeper meaning is all what it takes to convey a message in a humorous and
succinct way. At the same time through the use of satirical humor, puns and
excellent wording the comedy has more to it that just the humor and the charm,
this is what makes it an all-time favorite.