The I chose to write about itThe I chose to write about it

The Salem witch
trials was one of the most absurd and tragic events in history of America. A
fine example of how believing in accusations and hearsay could affect a lot of
people in a short span of time. the justice system is flawed and prejudice was
allowed to reign over the people. I found this topic very interesting even
though it is one of the most regretted in history. I’ve always been the type of
person who likes reading all those weird and peculiar things on the internet. I’ve
came across a few bizarre topics, histories, conspiracy theories, and other
weird things you’d be curious about. I always had an interest with getting to
know witchcraft, how it affected people negatively especially in the old times
where they think it was rampant back then. When anything suspicious will
quickly be labelled as witchcraft. People didn’t have a lot of technology back
then. They also didn’t have enough knowledge of things. They did not have all
the apparatuses to test out what could possibly be wrong or what may be the
problem behind. These are the kind of things I’d like to read or watch in the
internet at night, mostly at 3 am when I’m having trouble sleeping so I read
weird stuff instead. This topic might not be as broad, but I chose to write
about it because that night I first read about it, it got me hooked and I
wanted to know more about it. I chose it not only because I was so interested,
but for the reason I want to point out that history really does repeats itself.
Not necessarily identical but if you think through what really is happening
right now, it could be far worse than simply just a mass hysteria because a
local doctor who knew how to read but not write said that it was some kind of
bewitching. Decades or even centuries from now, we’ll never know but they might
see all the flaws we currently have in our systems, especially our government.

As to the base text,
I can relate Salem witch trials to it somehow because people from 1690’s may
think that they have discovered something. They didn’t possibly think it was something
else rather than bewitching. Because they didn’t have enough knowledge on
illnesses back then. They didn’t understand it fully, but they concluded and
made actions towards it. Even though they didn’t have any evidence to point out
that witchcraft was to blame when the strange symptoms happened. The trials
created a backlash, because it affected so many people, at a short span of
time, mostly because of hearsay and a lying girl confessing at a court. They
disregarded a person’s human rights just because of an accusation that they didn’t
think or understand fully.

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The type of discovery
my topic fell under was the second one. I think it is because, again they
thought it probably was witchcraft. They had no idea that it was a serious
illness. It was already established that they had limited knowledge about
things that time. It was just recently that modern professionals discovered and
concluded that it was, of course not witchcraft, but really just a bad case of
ergot poisoning that induced hallucinations and the other strange symptoms that

As I said, what they
possibly though were witchcraft back then could be something treatable by now. Unlike
in 1690’s, they didn’t have proof to back their hypothesis that it was
bewitching. But now that the reason behind the said incidents were already
established and proved wrong by people who studied what might have happened back
then. People might still believe witchcraft does exist in present time solely
because they have no idea that it might just be an illness that they had no
idea about. That the reaction of people around toward something can affect
greatly on how things can be resolved.

The discovery of
ergot poisoning being the culprit behind Salem’s mass hysteria was a huge proof
that it wasn’t what they thought it was. It points out that there are a lot
more than just blaming something that everyone believes in as a reason for
something far deeper. It debunked the whole “reason” the witch trials were even
held for.

I personally think
that it really doesn’t exist, and this discovery really proved it right. Some
people might still stick with their beliefs that witches, witchcraft, and
bewitching are real even though they are provided with a concrete fact that was
proven centuries after the incident happened. It’s really up to you on what you
choose to blindly believe and what not. Also, being interested in something doesn’t
necessarily equals that you believe, it’s just that you want to know more about
something rather.