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THE WHAT, HOW AND WHY OF DIGITAL MARKETING FOR THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY. This 2017 year is all set to be that will see some key digital marketing trends in the hospitality industry become mainstream. Industry leaders want to know how exactly they can go about exploit on the movements, in order to do further sales and marketing efforts. However, now or future we’ll be looking at an industry where digital marketing trends for the hospitality industry are likely to be the new industry standards.Someone wisely said that “There’s No Hospitality Industry Like Understanding”! The hospitality industry can do justice to the term by indeed understanding customer behavior and creating bespoke products and services. History tells us that any entity that ever emphasized on understanding customer mood, taste and behavior has been successful in creating a mutually rewarding relationship for both itself and for its customers. We are fortunate to live in an age in which such understanding can be reached at, through direct interaction with millions of people in real time thanks to a revolutionary medium called the internet. Reaching people far beyond native demographics, otherwise impossible is a practical reality today. With millions of existing users and millions more anticipated to join the ranks, the internet is certainly the biggest canvas for the modern artist, the modern marketing professional!Long gone are the days when regional enterprises used to cater to a relatively regional crowd. Today’s citizen is a global citizen who wants to explore the world with digital marketing in hospitality industry. Thanks to an ever-appreciating pay cheque, people seek and get access to travel and recreation all over the world. People travel more today than they have ever in the history of mankind. The hospitality industry is booming like never before. The world has certainly become a smaller space. The advent of the internet is the catalyst that made it possible. With millions of existing users and millions more expected to join the roll. If you are in the hospitality industry it’s very difficult to ignore digital marketing. With digital, people can access technology about every day and every time, it is time to take advantage of it. The hospitality industry can benefit a great deal in terms of reach and revenue by utilizing tools that digital marketing has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising and popular tools in use currently.Be Active on Social Media – Marketing on social media sites improves your conversion rates dramatically, for it brings the human element into play. Brands can behave like people do on such sites. Human-like interaction drives more sales as people tend to like doing business with people rather than brands. You need to get more active on social media and interact with your customers/friends and share your views or thoughts. This will give your brand exposure and allows you to engage and build client relationships. It is also a great platform for advocacy. With this, you will be able to increase the positive sentiments that people think about your establishment. How to use social media to your superiority?Plan – Should decide on the motive of using social media. Do you want to attract new supporters? Want to engage the existing ones? Reveal your brand or handle orders? Should always study your competitors? Organize – Always create the content consistently, so that your brand becomes familiar to your audience/supporters. Also, plan to prepare for seasonal or new updates.Check review sites – Your venture may already have a profile on sites like Google and other local review sites. Make sure it contains precise information as sites like these. Collect a lot of commitment from customers.Use Visual Content – In Hotels, restaurants, and resorts need to sell an experience and the best way to do this is by using visual content. In order to get magnificent content to share, hiring a professional to take some awesome pictures of what you have to offer them. It is also a good idea to use client content by asking them to share their needs/pics. Your client can also share their content and influencers can be asked to give their perspective. Influencer marketing – Each day from dawn to dusk your prospect is bombarded with marketing and advertising material. Advertisements stick out like a sore thumb and customers nowadays use software to prevent popping ads everytime they open a page. A well-crafted offer/service paired with a perfectly matched influencer helps you to penetrate the clutter and chaos of advertising and reach your prospect. It is a complete service influencer marketing agency. Our team of specialists includes strategists, influencer project managers, designers, developers, digital marketing analysts and social media experts to support your label from defining goals and design/target to complete campaign execution. We are one of the stepping movers in the Hospitality Industry and we have also developed many successful influencer marketing campaigns with leading international brands across a wide variety of industries. We notice the influencer, blogger market in and out. We look at your brand genetics and link you with the right influencers who match it perfectly from our network of over 15,000 influencers. Influencers help in the reach and growth of the Hospitality Industry brands. Researching, identifying their advantages alone would help hotels to be present across multiple channels. Hotels have made a smart move by adapting the smart technology of today’s trend. People can plan their trip much ahead, through latest interfaces, It’s just about the size of a wristband. This influencer marketing is bestowed in the hands of the clients and also the power to affect promotional results.Deeper Analytics – According to a recent survey, it is observed that the hospitality industry might up its collective marketing analytics spending this year. There is a lot of clients data ready to be tapped into, which can efficiently allow fool-proof blueprints creation for stellar performance. From website to social media and from demographic behavior to competitor performance, the more that occurs online, the more you will know about your each targeted client. It is very clear that the future of hotel marketing is continuing to move very fast on day to day basis. While some of the trends mentioned above are still in early years (virtual reality, and wearable technology), you can consider the rest (video marketing, social media advertising, and influencer marketing) as required elements for your marketing strategy in 2017.Video Marketing – A survey done by Wyzowl involving 230 unique respondents including marketing professionals and online customers concluded that Video marketing gives any company a wide range of benefits. It acts as a learning tool, provides good ROI (returns on investment) by being persuasive and increasing conversion. A well-made video also promotes sharing of a message. It acts as a problem-solving means limiting the need of support teams involved in troubleshooting thereby saving time and resources. This year too and also in the coming years, videos will continue to rule particularly the Youtube. If your business doesn’t have a YouTube channel yet, then it is the time to create your own YouTube channel and implement a video marketing strategy. To start with your YouTube video, you can create a content calendar and keep a track of different ideas. The videos that you create should be relevant for that particular month/season. Once the topics and ideas for your videos are ready, it is time to design a marketing strategy. While making the strategy, decide and fix where you would like to share your videos as many channels you share them on, the more exposure it will get. Social Media Advertising – Similar to video marketing, social media advertising is a recognized and an extremely influential concept that is beginning to hit its stride. From 2016’s perspective, social media advertising has a magnificent potential for targeted and localized marketing. A hotel’s activity on social media decides the success of your search engine optimization. Google tends to favor only those social media accounts, which post and interact with their audience on the different channels regular basis. Not only the frequency of posting but also the quality of posts is important. It is essential to evolve your strategies with ever-changing trends of Google.Taking good care of the customers – Today, guest interactions and discussions are happening openly on social media platforms and in real time. The marketing department must include customer care experts as well as public relations professionals so that they can reach out to-the-customers and address their issues instantly.Don’t underestimate Email marketing – Email marketing enables you to have an extremely targeted, relevant and personalized communication with your customers based on their past interactions and even otherwise. It helps you to save on overhead costs vis-a’-vis traditional email as it requires no physical resources i.e paper, stamps etc. Remember money saved is money earned! Brands understand the power of email marketing and are integrating it into their social media strategies. According to Social Media Today, emails with social sharing buttons increase click-through rates. Whereas email marketing reaches the customer personally/directly. Social platforms help to spread messages across a large database. Email marketing remains one of the economical and most productive ways to market to your customers. Email authorize you to communicate well with your existing customers before, during, and after their trips. You can use email to send helpful information about your property, location (events, city favorites, etc) to your customers. Put additional design behind your email strategy and decide how often and at what intervals you want to send emails.Mobile Marketing – It has been anticipated very long that mobile bookings will exceed desktop bookings as smartphones and take control of everyone’s lives. Even if customers do not book their trips on mobile, it’s highly likely to interact with you on mobile. If your website is not mobile optimized, you need to make plans to secure your site in the future. Google customers and everyone else does not enjoy accessing non-mobile optimized websites. Your booking drive should also be mobile-optimized so that customers can complete their bookings in one go. If travelers are unable to complete bookings on your site, you run the threat of them booking somewhere else. According to Google, eight in 10 mobile users are also mobile shoppers and research by e-marketer indicates that by 2018, 95% of all digital shoppers will be mobile shoppers too. REVIEW SITE:-  Customer taste and mood is an ever-changing phenomenon owing to the influence of different cultures on every culture! Being relevant in an always changing environment is a journey rather than a goal. Review sites make that journey an easier one for every business. Each positive review is an indirect sales pitch on your behalf and every negative one is a pointer for reviewing your strategy. Review sites are an invaluable and indispensable tool in that regard. In conclusion, we can say that digital marketing in hospitality industry is penetrating, cost-effective, far-reaching and relevant for every modern business. It provides a multitude of benefits and opportunities that every business seeks! digital marketing in hospitality industry is the revolution like no other ever in the art and science of marketing.