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The aim of this report is to present my personal development planning. In addition, it describes the basic knowledge about employment skills that are necessary for the future in order to acquire an appropriate job according to my own personality.  























According to the class and assignment 1, the basic skills that employee requires are Information search and location, communication and presentation skills, numeracy, use of IT, problem solving in groups reflection and self-diagnosis. All these skills need to be developed in order to prepare me for the future career.

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Through semester, I had a test in our class related to our personality to find out strength and weakness. The results of RIASEC test shows that I investigative, artistic and conventional person. For these types of person: health services, business, public and human services, Industrial and Engineering Technology related pathways are more suitable and can widely use the specific characteristic of my personality and finally became my strength. As I am a person who likes to watch, learn, analyze and solve problems and very detail oriented, organized  and like to work with data, I can use these parts of my personality in order to develop such employment skills as information search, numeracy and problem solving which are very important in business nowadays especially in financial management and accounting.  On the other hand, the test shows that I am also a creative person that makes my pathway broader and includes such major as arts and communication.

As part of developed skills, I am good at researching and solving the problems. I can find the best way to reduce the loss and find the way to get more benefit. For me, it is not hard to find alternatives and possible creative scenario, evaluate them and finally make a decision. Moreover, I am quite good at math that can help me in the accounting area. However, due to IT development, companies use many new programs and in the financial area; I have to know how to work with Excel. Unfortunately, I did not have an opportunity to develop my IT skills well enough but I will put it as my future goal in my development plan.

After these researchers and self-analysis, I found that I need to develop my communication and presentation skills. I did not decide yet what job I want to acquire but I am interested in such area as Finance and International business including sales and promotion. So, according to my strength financial management will be appropriable for me, however, international business area can be a problem as I have some problems in communication. I do not feel any difficulties in making PPT file but when it comes to present it in front of an audience, I feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, I have really good ideas but as soon as I am team worker person I do not like to conflict with people and because of that, I feel some difficulties to share my own opinion with people. I am afraid of speaking out loud and this is the main problem that I face now.