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The Hitler Youth were an organization of children from the ages of ten through eighteen in which they were brainwashed with the ideal society consisting of Adolf Hitler as their leader. The Hitler Youth started as a small organization in 1920 which in 1926 was renamed “The Hitler Youth”. The organization started off small with approximately one hundred thousand members yet, when Hitler gained control over Germany he eradicated all of youth movements which caused the Hitler Youth to gain a total of approximately 4 million members, which was ninety percent of the German children at the time. If you didn’t want your child to go, you would have to pay a fee. The Hitler youth taught military techniques and forced the Hitler ideology into their lives with signs of Hitler everywhere. This caused most children to be completely obedient to Hitler and worship him as their God as the Hitler youth oath stated “I swear to devote all my energies and my strength to the savior of our country Adolf Hitler. I am willing and ready to give up my life for him.” The Hitler youth were thought of as the future of the nazis and were trained as such. The hitler youth were trained from age ten with rifles, military tactics and with the ideology of racism and antisemitism. The Hitler Youth to the German population at the time could be resembled by the modern day Boy Scouts yet far different training yet, at the time. it was thought of as such  Although Hitler Youth seemed like a fun extracurricular activity for German children, the hitler youth actually were the key to German achievement because they were bloodthirsty warriors influenced from childhood by propaganda and they forced their families to adopt Nazi beliefs or risk military punishment.When it came to war, the hitler youth were ferocious on the battlefront. American soldiers were documented as feeling horrible for killing the children yet they had to because of their bloodthirsty attitudes. The reasoning behind the attitudes of these young warriors is that they grew up their whole life being indoctrinated with Adolf Hitler. Hitler eradicated all Jewish teachers and students and censored textbooks with his own views.The words of Hitler were spoken throughout the schooling system. Hitler was in all of their schools and he was made to look like a great person. A portrait of him was added to all classrooms and there were textbooks specifically designed to teach children to love Hitler and they added experiences of the trill of children after seeing him for their first time.Classrooms aimed to produce a race conscious, obedient and self sacrificing German society that would die for their country. A Hitler youth member recalled on his past life and was quoted as saying “To die for the Fatherland sounded really great.” The children were willing to die for Adolf and their attitude on the battlefield correlates. From the age of ten the children were trained with rifles and battle technique so they were experienced when it came to the battlefield. When the was was in full swing children as young as ten were on the frontline defending their country. Most children had received years of trained sometimes more than adults making them very impactful on the German side of the battlefield. A complete society of young healthy children on the battle field willing to die for their country who have been trained since childhood made an excellent army. The Hitler Youth fundamentally controlled the population in a way that history had never seen before. The children were trained at camp to basically turn their parents into officials if they say anything that went against the Nazi morals. There were multiple cases of turning in their parents to officials for example 18 year old Elisabeth Vetter stated that she didn’t belong to her parents anymore rather she believed she belonged to hitler.Her parents did not agree with this and told her to leave which caused them to be arrested for four weeks and when they returned nothing of this incident was said again. In this sense the hitler youth controlled families and censored anything bad of hitter to be said. Many children also went home and ranted to their parents about how great hitter was yet these parents could not deny what they were saying or else they would be arrested rather they would embrace it. In this sense the hitler youth could effortlessly control the population created a society which was completely compliment with Hitler and his actions. The hitler youth were also used as propaganda tools implementing them in posters and they were used to hand out propaganda to the population. They put propaganda on the streets and sooner or later everyone would have Nazi morals implemented into their brain. This is another way they controlled the population. They were great tools, considering their were about four million of them, for handing propaganda out and forcing the Nazi lifestyle into many people lives. In a nutshell the hitler youth could keep their parents and families under control and implement this racist and fascist value and turn it into the social norm and this is just another way they impacted World War in Two.At this point a valid question could be why? Why did hitler feel like he needed these children to accomplish what he did? To answer this question Hitlers goal was to create a society in which everybody is completely obedient to him that is un-rebellious and he decided that the youth would be the best way of accomplishing this, taking in to account that they were the future of Germany. Hitler said “I begin with the young, We older ones are used up… But my magnificent youngsters! Look at these men and boys! What material! With them, I can create a new world.” This just goes to show that again he wanted to have the future of Germany under his control which, if Germany had won the war, he would have done. If he had a society completely acquiescent to his ideas there would be no one who would rebel against him and this is just what he desired. The leader of the Nazi teacher league believed that if you have the youth on your side you can control the future and this is why it was mandatory for the youth to be under Nazi control. The youth were the future of Germany and if you take control of them at such a young vulnerable age, they would become the future population with their kids being taught the same teaching they did and the cycle would continue which would have created the ideal, completely compliant society that Hitler wanted. All of the above are the motivation for Hitler and the Nazis to try to take control of the helpless young and turn them into nefarious, horrid monsters with no regard for people who didn’t comply with the Nazi attitude. Furthermore how did Hitler accomplish creating a whole generation of innocent children into Nazis? Well it first started with the schooling system being completely revamped, taking out all Jews and implementing Hitler throughout the school. At these new schools teachings were bias and racist and would keep the children in the Nazi mind set, the children even celebrated his birthday as a holiday. The next way was through the Hitler youth program which at first seemed harmless. In the modern world parents send children to camps regularly and the hurled youth was looked at no different, it seemed completely harmless to send your child there yet, what they were being taught behind the scenes was much to impactful to be unheard. The children were completely brainwashed into Hitlers ideology and mindset. When ninety percent of parents think they are sending their children to a fun after school camp, ninety percent of the children in Germany become brainwashed into Hitlers deceptive, despotic system.Hitler created children through this program that would turn completely against their parents just to attempt to satisfy Hitler. This educational system was formulated so perfectly that in a few years of being in the Hitler Youth, children would be willing to die for Hitler. This is how he created such ferocious warriors on the battle field that would put their life in front of some persons that they would probably never meet. Children as young as ten yours old were fighting in the front line, not worrying about returning home to their family, their actions correlated with their attitude of making hitler proud. They would rather die in the war then upset their leader Hitler and once again all of this was just through a seemingly harmless small after school camp that all the kids went to.The role of the Hitler Youth in World War Two could be described as a key and vital part in the dominance of Germany. Without the hitler youth there would be no obedience between the government and the people and there would be no order. The hitler youth kept the order in Germany, it kept the families from revolting and it kept the children in line. Adolf Hitler was a genius in the category of diversion. He used the children as a distraction of what was going on behind the scenes. The children were used as a curtain in a way to keep the families eyes away from what is behind which is destruction. The children were the best method of doing this, they were young, vulnerable and they didn’t know any better so they were the easiest to control therefor the easiest to use as a cloak to conceal the madness. The children were deranged on the battlefield and no one wanted to kill them. They were just children after all, right? That would be incorrect, the children were turned into killers and monsters with horrible attitudes to anyone who didn’t fit into the Nazi idealism. In conclusion the Hitler Youth controlled the society and were completely brainwashed into the Nazi beliefs which shaped Germany into a society that greatly benefited the Nazi side during World War Two.