The kitchen or pantry is always connectedThe kitchen or pantry is always connected

house we have investigated is a 2.5 storey link house development namely Sunway SPK Damansara located at Kepong. It is next to a modern township of Desa ParkCity,
and neighboring Bandar Menjalara. The Selangor water works provides water
supply to the state of Selangor. The water are sourced mostly from surface water collected
by separate lakes, dams and rivers, and undergo
necessary treatment at nearby water treatment plants. The Selangor water works is run by Syarikat
Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS).

In this house, the mains water comes in via a rising main,
the water is supplied first to a cold-water storage tank or what we called
cistern situated in the roof level and then draws out to other fittings. A
branch pipe off the rising main delivers drinking water to the kitchen and
appliances especially bathroom appliances are provided indirectly from the cold
water storage cistern (not for drinking) under gravity pressure not mains
pressure. All sanitary fittings, water closet,
water basin and shower are supplied directly from the cold water storage
cistern placed on roof level. However, drinking water which is potable water (i.e. water which is fit for drinking,
cooking) draw-offs at kitchen sink are supplied indirectly from this cold-water
storage cistern. The drinking water in sink in kitchen or pantry is always
connected to rising man to ensure safe drinking water supply because rising
main is connected to the main water authority supply, furthermore cistern
stored water could also be contaminated.

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an indirect cold water system, there is always a temporary alternate of stored
water subject to mains failure. Also, it is generally more quiet compared to
direct water system as the system is utilize and work under low pressure. Therefore,
eliminating noise which could happened when high pressure water compete to
negotiate tight bends in the pipework.
water systems are slightly reducing the risk and possibility of impure water
being siphoned to  mains water supply by embodying
fewer outlets connected to the mains supply.