The men, 8 U.S. Navy SEALs andThe men, 8 U.S. Navy SEALs and

The battle of Abbas Ghar, or more commonly known as Operation Red Wings was a joint military operation during the war in Afghanistan. Taking place on the slopes of Sawtalo Sar, 20 miles west of Kunar’s province capital. 4 Navy SEALs; Team Leader Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, Petty Officer Second Class Danny Dietz, Petty Officer Second Class Matthew G. Axelson, and Navy Hospital Corpsman Second Class Marcus Luttrell; were tasked with surveillance and reconnaissance of a group of Taliban lead by Ahmed Shah. The SEAL Team was discovered by 3 unarmed shepherds, and upon determining they were civilians Lieutenant Murphy released them according to rules of engagement. The Seal team disengaged from their mission and were retreating when they were ambushed by over one hundred Taliban fighters. A quick reaction force helicopter was deployed, carrying 16 reaction force men, 8 U.S. Navy SEALs and 8 U.S. Army Special Operations Aviators. Taliban fighters shot down the helicopter, killing all 16 men instantly. 3 of the SEALs were Killed In Action trying to contact Combat Operations Headquarters. The movie Lone Survivor is directed by Peter Berg and based on the book by Marcus Luttrell. Lone Survivor stars Mark Wahlberg (Navy Hospital Corpsman Second Class Marcus Luttrell), Taylor Kitsch (Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy), Emile Hirsch (Petty Officer Second Class Danny Dietz), Ben Foster (Petty Officer Second Class Matthew G. Axelson). Box office budget was $40,000,000, but on opening weekend only reached $84,857. It eventually reached $125,095,601.      Ahmad Shah. The Taliban leader responsible for the deaths of many U.S. marines, Afghan villagers, and citizens. The target of a 4 man Navy SEAL team tasked with reconnaissance and surveillance of the town Shah is in, and if possible, capture him. The SEALs are deployed onto the side of a mountain. Expecting to have communication problems, the team moves closer to the village and stumbles across 3 unarmed shepherds. They release the shepherds and abort the mission, but as they are retreating down the mountain they are ambushed by Taliban forces. In the firefight three of the SEALs are killed, leaving only Luttrell. Luttrell comes upon water and and is discovered by Pashtun villager, Mohammad Gulab. Gulab takes him into their village and they protect him according to their Pashtun code of honor, Pashtunwali. The Taliban attempt to take Luttrell but are killed and flee when the Americans arrive.      In the actual event they were spotted by 3 shepherds but only one was a boy. The other 2 were older military aged men but still carried no weapons besides their walking sticks. After they had tied up the shepherds they couldn’t come to a decision on whether or not to let them go. So they took a vote and voted to let them go. In the film, Team Leader Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy (Taylor Kitsch) made the decision, “This is not a vote” (Kitsch, Taylor). This became a huge debate because some people were mad that the lives of innocent people came down to a vote whereas some said that they should have killed them for the success of the mission. The book Marcus Luttrell wrote, Lone Survivor, ghost written by Patrick Robinson, states that the deciding vote was his. It was he who made the decision to let them go, according to the rules of engagement, instead of killing them.