The movie industry in terms of production,The movie industry in terms of production,

The Indian cinema is the world’s largest movie industry in terms of production, with around 1000 films per year. The Hindi movie industry considers marketing as an integral part in the process of making a film. Out of the 4 Ps of marketing; product, price, place and promotion, promotion plays a very important role in the movie industry.Behind every box office hit, a successful marketing strategy involving Print advertising, trailers, internet sites,merchandising,computer games etc is needed.A new addition in the arena of advertising films is social media. This new channel has changed the outlook and caused an impact in every sector of the economy. Social media has helped the audiences to follow and keep up with their favourite actors and upcoming films.Bollywood spends heavily on digital promotions seeing the upcoming rise in social media marketing.Today, when a movie is about to release Facebook pages and websites are made for promotion. Blogs and twitter can have a much more effective impact than any other form of advertisement. When actors use social platforms the audience feels a connect and wants to be a part of the journey. They take an active part and can easily find any detail of a particular movie through websites, Facebook pages or star posts on twitter. Ghajini, a 2008 movie used many e-marketing strategies for its promotion.It launched and official and two more websites to attract he audience. It’s trailer along with the pictures and clippings went viral on various platforms.3 idiots a 2010 drama movie relied heavily on social media for its promotion. After the  release of the movie the fans could video chat with the cast and ask them questions. Pictures and dialogues were posted on Facebook pages.Dabbang, a 2010 action film had the highest opening. Status updates on Facebook and Twitter was made post the release of the movie to get in touch with more people. A twitter profile for Chulbul Pandey was made as an advertising stunt.Ra One the 2011 Indian science fiction made efforts to reach to its audience by inviting them to participate in live chats. The producers released websites, graphic novel and mobile games  to promote the movie. Krrish 3 a science fiction film released in 2013 was promoted through Facebook and official pages of the cast. The producers also asked the fans to use hash tag(#) while tweeting and campaigned that more tweets would result in a new poster of the film. Social media in the current years has been a game changer. It helps in fastening the marketing process for films and provides an easier platform for the audience to take part in. It has given movie lovers a chance to interact and participate at a high level.