The noted that consumers use their consciousThe noted that consumers use their conscious

The review of literature reveals
that consumer behavior is the study of a person, groups or organisations and
all the activities connected with buying a product, the use and disposal of
goods and services, it focuses on the consumers emotion, mental and behavioral
responses they precede or follow these instructions, as stated by Lynn, Kahle,
Angeline and Close (2011). It is noted that consumers use their conscious mind
to make decisions when purchasing a product and with organisations knowing how
consumers think, they will be able to produce their products accordingly.  Using traditional marketing strategies, which
include product, price of product, and the place on how a product is located in
a store and how it is promoted, will soon lose its value when neuromarketing is
made known and introduced to develop and developing countries and thus leading
neuromarketing to become a traditional marketing strategy.  Understanding the subconscious mind of a
consumer (neuromarketing) will guide organisations, more specifically marketers
on what motivates the consumer to buy a product,
their personality, attitude, and perception, as well as feedback on their
buying decisions.  Where products are
placed in a store, how they are placed, the brand, logo and packaging all
determine a consumer buying behavior, as noted by Lynn, Kahle, Angeline
and Close (2011). The difference between modern
marketing strategies and neuromarketing as argued by Karmarker (2011) is
that modern marketing strategies focus mostly on the value of the product and its
competitive advantage of the product and service while neuromarketing focuses
on consumers brain, stimuli and reaction to marketed products, brands and
marketing material.

In neuromarketing, Campbell
and Keller (2003) mention that two methods that are usually used as means of
evaluating a consumer’s preference between products are brand familiarity and
product preference. When a consumer is used to a brand they become attached to
the product,sometimes without noticing other competitive products .Brand
familiarity involves comparisons between familiar and unfamiliar products,
mostly is a consumer is trying to change the brand they are using.

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