The novel .It focuses on America’s darkestThe novel .It focuses on America’s darkest

The Sellout ,by Paul
Beatty is the recipient of U.K’s prestigious Man Booker Price and National
Critics Circle Award  (2016).I felt it as
a distressing novel .It focuses on America’s darkest race issues mixed up with
mockery of politics.

First person narration is used and the plot is
revealed in a flash back manner. The prologue is disgusting enough to tempt you
to close the book,yet it’s powerful diction calls you back.Strong quotes like ;”Silence
can either be protest or consent, but most time it’s fear ” makes the
above mentioned statement perfect. Our narrator is called by many names-;’Me ‘
as generally, ‘Bonbon’ by ex girl friend Marpessa, ‘Sellout’ by a fame hungry
intellect Foy Cheshire. Sellout owns a farm.The upbringing was by fanatic
psychologist father in a calculated level of intimacy. Foy Cheshire is an
active member of Dum Dum Donuts Intellectuals formed by narrator’s
father and is  a powerful caricature used
by the writer.His father was shot to death by a police officer. Along with
this,the sudden removal of hometown ‘Dickens’ from the map makes his
disposition worse.This results in identity crisis and grief for its residents.
The pain was in peak for Hominy, childhood stardom and member of Little
Rascals and even tried for a suicidal attempt .Hominy decided to be a slave
under Sellout till the name of Dickens is added to map.To be a slave willingly in
a democratic nation shows its failure of responsibility to its citizens.  Efforts to bring back Dickens incude ;Spray
painted lines along boarders,tried for an international sisterhood,applied
segregation to bus and school.Establishment of segregation resulted in microscopic
view of integrated Dickens.Sellout was shot by Foy Cheshire during his attempt
of re-segregating school.These deeds end up in five years of judicial
frustration. The weather broadcast of Dickens in T.V discloses the reappearance
of Dickens in map.

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The Sellout is filled
with black voices and mercilessly criticize the comforting blanket of whiteness.
This satire takes you through a  journey
of wry smiles and raised eyebrows and aware you about the existence of peculiar
institutions of yesteryear.