The of Holden’s most noticeable qualities isThe of Holden’s most noticeable qualities is

The novel Catcher In the Rye, the story is told by the point of view of Holden who is a student attending Pencey Prep. The novel takes place during Holden’s Christmas Break in New York were Holden tells his story from a hospital in California. To begin with as a reader your first impression is to believe that Holden suffers from several psychological issues or that he may have done something horrible,which maybe the reason he is in a hospital in California. However as the novel continues the reader realizes that Holden doesn’t suffer any psychological issues but he suffers from being a teenager.               As the reader is introduced to Holden you realize that he has a strong opinion on adults which can also be described as a rebellious attitude towards adults. One of Holden’s most noticeable qualities is the use of the word “phonie” which repeats itself  numerous times in the novel to show how irritated Holden is at the world he lives in. “Grand. There’s a word I really hate. It’s a phoney. I could puke every time I hear it” shows what he thinks about society.Although Holden suffers from loneliness it is his attitude towards adults that causes him to distance himself from other people,despite wanting connection with others. However Holden doesn’t only show hatred towards the world but seems to enjoy the company of younger kids and of a teenage gir named Jane. Jane is another characteristic of Holden which is love. Holden struggles with many emotions especially with his love for Jane. Jane is a big part in Holden’s life because she is one of the only girls he trusts and seems to care for her despite the fact that she’s a teenager.”I’m sick of just liking people. I wish to God I could meet somebody I could respect.”, this quote shows that Holden also suffers from loneliness.              These chapters give us the idea that Holden has dealt with several traumas. For example the death of his baby brother seemed to have been a big deal for him. This may also be the reason he acts the way he does. Many people who have had a child trauma may avoid social interaction or may isolate themselves from society like Holden does. Many see themselves as unworthy or bad. Holden shows some of these emotions like anger and even depression. Some ways to deal with trauma is taking pills,however there are safer option. For example you can face your fears and talk about it with others.            In my opinion Holden is a young teen who suffers from many physiological issues both internal and external. Holden is describes as angry with his life and society. He believes that people in current society are selfish and only care about material things. At this point in his adolescent life he selfish and it is apparent that he is suffering from some sort of mental break that creates external conflict with everyone he meets. One of the main reasons Holden suffers mentally may  be due to the death of his younger brother Allie. This event seems to leave a scar in Holden’s mind causing him act the way he does. Following the death of his brother Holden slept in the garage and broke all the windows. What effects him the most is the fact that he has harbors the anger and sadness he has piled up over the years and he doesn’t  seem to know what to do with it. “He was also the nicest,in a lots of ways. He never got mad at anybody.. God he was a nice kid,though”,this quote shows that Holden still suffers from the loss of his brother. Another example that shows that the death of his younger brother really effected his was the fight with Stradlater. The fight started when Stradlater didn’t like the peom that Holden wrote which reminded him of his brother. In conclusion I believe that Holden suffers from different physiological issues such as sadness and loneliness due to events that occurred in his childhood.