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The treaty of Amritsar 1809 was beneficial to many Sikhs living inthe Sikh empire. This treaty was beneficial to a certain extentbecause only some people considered it to be helpful whereasthe rest were not too happy about it and didn’t support it. TheTreaty of Amritsar was helpful for Punjab become successful inmany different ways and helped to bring it to where it noweconomically and location wise. Ranjit Singh benefitted from thistreaty since he was able to expand anywhere he would like in theNorth of Sutlej this helped expand punjab. Ranjit singh madesure that this treaty was beneficial for all the people andresidents living in Punjab. Since Ranjit Singh wanted the Treatyof Amritsar 1809 to be helpful and favour all the residents of thekingdom he always made little changes like those that made thelives of the Sikh citizens easier. ..One thing that Ranjit Singh had enforced in this treaty was thathe stopped the annual tax collection from the poor residents ofthe sikh kingdom. Through this work, the poor had half of theirmoney taken by the annual tax so in this way they could notsupport their families. For example if there was a poor citizen ofthe kingdom who also paid the annual tax but had majority oftheir money taken away because of the annual tax and. With thistax they could not support their families because most of theirearnings were taken by the annual tax. For example , if therewas a person that was was not so rich and needed helpsupporting their families but they could not because half of theirmoney would go towards the tax. When Ranjit Singh abolishedthe tax for poor people they were able to provide for theirfamilies. This rule helped many citizens of Punjab who were notvery rich. This treaty is also very important because it helpedconstruct peace between the British and Punjab. The Britishwere told to stop going in the homes of the innocent people ofPunjab and violating and disturbing them. In this way theresidents of Punjab that were being harmed by British, now livepeacefully and worry-free. Ranjit Singh always wanted Punjab atits best and was always looking to expand anywhere he could,with this treaty he could expand anywhere in the North of Satluj.. .Maharaja Ranjit Singh always wanted Punjab to be big in size.Then when the Treaty of Amritsar 1809 came along he knewthat it was the perfect chance for him to be able to expandPunjab and make it bigger.In this treaty Maharaja Ranjit Singhwas free to expand anywhere in the North of Satluj as hewished.While most of the people were very happy to hear thecoming of Ranjit towards the North, many people were not tohappy to hear about this. Since they did not like Ranjit Singh asmuch as the rest of the people in the North did. Some peoplewanted this treaty to be stopped and forgotten about because forthem Ranjit Singh was a bad person and they thought he wouldtry to take over and instead of improve the state of the North hewould try to ruin it and bring it down.People that may havewanted to cause harm were not happy with Ranjit Singh comingto the North because then they could not have caused harm toPunjab .One way expanding to the North benefited Punjabbecause this way they could find new trading partners,merchants and landlords who they could trade with. If they wouldtrade with the landlords this way they could get more land andcould expand even farther. This treaty was helpful in many waysbut also at the same time it wasn’t because the British did notkeep their word after the maharaja passed away in 1839..This treaty was unbeneficial because after the death of Ranjitsingh in 1839 the British went back on their word and everythingthat they had agreed to in this treaty. The British went back toliving life the way they did before the Treaty of Amritsar 1809 hadbeen created. They went back on their word and everything thatthey had agreed to on the treaty. An example of how they wentback on their word was how in the treaty Ranjit singh had createda law that they could not go in the houses of innocent citizens ofPunjab and violate them or disturb them. After the death of Ranjitsingh his son Maharaja Duleep was supposed to rule overPunjab but he was too young so his mother helped him until hecould reach a age of understanding the British were not happyabout this. They then replaced her with a British regent andseparated both mother and son and they were not allowed tomeet one another. The two mother and son had not doneanything wrong that harmed anyone and the British still took bothof them away from one other. Another example of them violatingsomeone was how Queen Elizabeth had forced Duleep singh toconvert to Christianity and she did not allow him to be aroundany Sikhs or anything related to Sikhism. He was only allowed tobe around Christians and he was also put in the care of Sir JohnLogin. Duleep singh had no other choice. Although this treatyhad some disadvantages it was not a bad treaty. This was thereason why Punjab is where it is today because Punjab was ableto expand in the North which gave it a lot of space to grow.Another reason on how it helped Punjab succeed is how a rule tocut tax of poor people was created. A lot of Punjab’s successrelays on this treaty. .. .Without the treaty of Amritsar 1809 Punjab would have been somuch more different now and maybe it would have been in adifferent place right now economically and resource wise. ThePunjab we live in today is all because of Ranjit Singh, Duleepsingh, and Jind kaur they made a very big contribution to bringPunjab to where it is now. Many people still till this day are stillagainst the treaty of amritsar but what they don’t realise is thatthat treaty is what made us who we are today. Ranjit singhalways wanted Punjab to be at its best and he would do anythingto make sure that everyone who saw it was amazed andsurprised as to how good it looked. Ranjit singh is the mainreason as to why Punjab is so beautiful and always talked about