The only longer summer, unpredictable rain andThe only longer summer, unpredictable rain and


The weather seems to be getting
wilder and weirder. We are noticing the changes ourselves. We need not to do
any scientific analysis to say that the climate change is no hoax but is a real
threat to us.

Bangladesh, a small south Asian
country, used to be a country of six seasons e.g. summer, The Rainy Season, autumn,
Late Autumn, winter and spring having 2 months each. But in recent times, we
the people of Bangladesh are experiencing only longer summer, unpredictable
rain and extreme cold. So I can say that the climate change has already taken
place and is being constantly changed in our country.

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The world is getting warmer, sea
level is getting higher, polar caps are being melt down, and extreme natural
disasters are taking place all over the world. Bangladesh experiences different
types of Natural Disasters almost every year because of the Global Warming as
well as Climate Change impacts and one of them is Flash Floods (Almost 80% of
the total area of the country is prone to flooding).  The devastating flood that took place in UK in
2014 is suspected to have links to climate change as well since the climate
change had increased the chances of the rainfall that caused the flooding by an
estimated 43%, according to Schaller.

We have recently witnessed the
effects of Hurricane Katrina, Cyclone Nargis, Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria and
Nate. Due to those hurricanes, The US witnessed landfall for the first time in
more than a decade. Cyclones and Storm Surges are constantly hitting Bangladesh
specially the South and South-eastern Parts of the country were hit by Tropical
Cyclones during the last few years.

Droughts and wildfires are being
pretty common now a days. We are not new to the droughts of California. The
summer of 2013 was recorded as the hottest in Australia and even in this year
the heat is breaking records over there. Extreme Temperature and Drought are
hitting Bangladesh in a regular basis these days. The North and North-western
regions of the country are suffering because of the Extreme Temperature problem.

Is there any way to deny the fact
that Climate change is forcing these disasters to happen?  I don’t think so. We do not need “NASA” to
prove that climate is being changed and feel the threat. If we just see the
pattern of climate and its behavior over last 50-100 years, the fact gets
established itself. The climate is changing and it’s changing rapidly. We,
human are making it faster. And we are the ones who need to take steps to save
ourselves from the threat of climate change.