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The world is changing in many ways; the past twenty years have changed so much starting from global climate changers to technological, business, transportation, social and even cultural changers. Similarly Human Resources Management also has had its own part of change from the conventional practice. It was stated that ‘Over the last thirty years HR organizations have gone through several transformations, moving form an operational role (the ‘Personal department’) to one of HR as a service centre to one focused on driving talent outcomes’ (Bersin, 2015)Technology and Globalization are main areas where HRM have being increasingly effected, it is noted that this two areas are having direct effects on the nature of work performed. Business in today’s world does not have any boundaries or area demarcations, but it can be reached to every corner of the world in a blink of a second.  It was said that ‘Information and communication technologies has opened up new channels of communications and transformed business models in some industries, creating new services and new jobs (such as social media consultants). Information and communication technologies have also facilitated the outsourcing of work overseas as well as enabling more employees in the UK to work remotely’ (CIPD, 2013). As HR Mangers adopting to such ICT changers is a challenging task. It’s important to train individuals (Employees) to meet the challenges of globalization and infuse them with new technology so that the company business goals are met.Gareth Williams the Global HR Director at Travelex UK, writing to CIPD explains the success he has had after infusing Cloud technology in to the business.  He writes as ‘I now have the team supporting the cloud technology solutions that runs the optimized operational HR process, the benefit of using cloud is that it is highly adaptive and changers can be made within seconds. In my organization HR mangers and HR partners both go to work with armed technology and this is the very reason we were able to win the NimbusNinety Cloud innovation Award as the most innovative application of cloud in the enterprise’ (Williams, 2015)Finally, the role of a HR Manager is sprouting with the vast changes in competitive market environment and it involves a more strategic role in the success of an organization. The designation change from Chief HR Officer to the New Chief change officer its self explains the perspectives. It is said that ‘HR Professionals as change agents have the responsibility to ease the charges in the organization and protect employees’ (Ulrich and Brockbank, 2005). I have personally experienced the changes taking place over the past eight years in the organization I work for. Daily reports to sales invoicing and filed staff tracking are mobile based which saves lodes of time in my day to day work