The performances also there were some demonstrationsThe performances also there were some demonstrations

The amount of GDP per inhabitant says something about the prosperity of a country. But it doesn’t say much about the quality of life in a country. The meaning of quality of life in the dictionary is, and I quote, “the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.” With this we actually mean people’s living conditions. The quality of life is measured by the life expectancy, the purchasing power and the literacy rate. The quality of life is listed in the Human Development Index.The life expectancy in Armenia is 74,8 years for both sexes. For the male population of Armenia the life expectancy 71.8 years and for the female population it is 77.7 years old. The life expectancy usually has to do with hygiene, healthcare and the food situation. In Armenia people are really busy to improve their hygiene, on the October 15th for example, in the provinces Lori and Gegharkunik, Save the Children organised a few events on 5 schools. This involved more than 400 children, teachers and parents. The main purpose of the events was to increase the awareness of children and adults about the importance of hygiene. The events were organised by children, the children created poster competitions, chalk painting, theatre and dance performances also there were some demonstrations of how to wash your hands properly.In Armenia there are enough medicines and the healthcare system is all right. The only problem is that many medical additions have to be paid by the consumer. Armenia is currently in an economical crisis so fewer people are able to pay for it. In the communist-era, Armenia had one of the best healthcare sytems in the Sovjet Union, but because medical interventions in the hospitals take up fifty percent of the Armenian healthcare budget. The Armenian health care system is missing out on the local community and is often missing in the rural areas. The biggest problem is with the working community in Armenia, they can not benefit from the few social plans that are set up, but they also can not pay for themselves. One of those social plans is the Basic Benefits Package (BBP), this was first introduced in 1999. The package includes specific health care services like medicines. It is free for the vulnerable layer of the population like children, elderly, disabled, unemployed and injured millitary employees. Since 2006 the primary health care services have been free as well, for the people with BBP, this includes the dentist, the physical therapist and the dietician. The people who do not get this package are starting to self-medicate, this is not healthy at all and it will only make the situation worse. The people in Armenia are so poor that they can not even pay for food.