The pursuing broader economy-wide reforms to protectThe pursuing broader economy-wide reforms to protect

The topics before the International Labor
Organization are ‘Protecting Laborers amidst the Transnational Expansion of
Export Processing Zones’ and ‘Promoting the Right of Immigrant Workers’.
The International Labor Organization (ILO) is
a United Nations agency, which is composed of 187
member states.The agency deals with labor problems, particularly International labor
standards, social protection, and work opportunities for all. The PRC is pursuing broader
economy-wide reforms to protect and ensure the rights of its all workers


Protection Laborers amidst the Transnational Expansion of Export Processing Zones

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Export Processing Zones (EPZs) are aggressive economic zones specially
designed zones to promote strong economic activities.
These zones contribute to the economic
development by eliminating the barriers to achieve
a productive work.Unfortunately, all the
gains of these zones were from their employees who put many efforts into production enterprises.The primary goals
of EPZs are to provide jobs that battle unemployment and under-employment
problems in a developing country, to attract foreign
investment, and to provide foreign exchange earnings by promoting non-traditional exports.Developing countries that have
weak or no economic policies to deal with
problems that are occurring in its zones
are exploiting their workers through low wages and unsafe working
environment.Thus, issue of workers’ protection is important because compliance
with the international labor laws implies the protection of fundamental human
rights and freedoms. 


The People’s Republic of China understands the pressing problems
associated with the breaching of the
rights of works.Thus, it has taken
serious steps to correct these anomalies.According to the constitution of the People’s Republic of China,
” All citizens of the People’s Republic
of China are equal under the law”.Moreover,” Citizens of the People’s Republic
of China have the right as well as the duty to work”.The PPR has many anti-discrimination labor laws which demonstrate the PPR’s effort in combating the
issue, for example, ” Workers enjoy the
right to equal employment and career
choice”, “Workers must not be discriminated
against in the matter of employment because of ethnic identity, race, sex or
religious belief”, moreover, the constitution noted that ” The distribution of
wages shall follow the principle of
distribution according to work and equal pay for equal work”.


The PPR has introduced many acts
one of which is Employment Promotion Act that states
“Workers are legally entitled to equal employment and the right to choose their
own jobs”.Besides, Women Rights Guarantee Law forbids discrimination according
to gender.


Discrimination against laborers in EPZs
is an underappreciated problem. So as the
People’s Republic of China, we are committed
to our values as an economic power, and
we strive to reach for a solution to this
problem with the help of the international community.