The question. How can we be completelyThe question. How can we be completely

The values now a days are not valued enough, and this is a situation that is causing problems.Values can be not as relevant for some people, but in fact values are the base of communication, which leads to relationships friendships, love, buisness, and life We all know that there are different types of values, like respect, honesty, loyalty, carism, generosity, and many others.The main point in life is to be able to achieve happiness, and everyone has the same question. How can we be completely happy?Well first of all not everyone can be happy in the same way, or by the same reasons than others, this is why everyone of us is different.Values are a clue to get to happiness, ir order to guide us to a good behavior, and a good lifestyle.Everyone at some point has hurted in some way or another another person, and this is because of the lack of values.In my opinion, the most important value is respect, because the respect leads us to most of the other values.For example respect can help us treat others in a correct way, respect can avoid hurting someone else, respect can protect everyone.The most important thing that we have to understand, and to start doing is to respect ourselves first, we need to do it, because if not it can cause lots of problems  How do you expect others to respect you, if you don’t even do it?Respecting yourself is taking care of you, loving you and encouraging you to do better lay a day.30metimes we won’t agree with other people thoughts or actions, but we do still have respect them, as in the same way we want hem to respect ours.Our generation is completely different from the past ones, but does this means It’s a good or a bad thing?Well that depends on the way you see it.Now a days we have a lot of information that didn’t existe don the past, and this is a huge tool, to guide us to get to know how to socialize in a correct way with others. This is way we can develop, and practice the universal values.By the other hand, it is completely a contrary though many people think that the past generation lived with much more values than we do, that they knew how to treat people  how to be good.Which side are you taking?I think it completely depends on you, you can make them change their mind, by starting yourself practcing the universal values, I am inviing you to do it, I am sure you won’t regret it, you will inmediately see the change for the better.I know that you may be thinking what is the point of doing it, if one person’s actions won’t make a difference in a hole generation, but the thing that you don’t know, is that it actually works, you need to remember that everything is contageous, the good the bad and the illness.People will start following your behavior, they will start noticing the change, and they will like it.The first stpe is to yourself; you need to be convinced of what you want to do or change, if you are not you won’t get to the main point.A good way of practicing the values, is starting from the bottom, Wich is your family at your hpuse, your group of friends, at school, the people that you see more often, and this can become as a good habit that will continue with the pass of time Once you are doing it with your daily life, you can keep going with the exterior.I think is very important to be aware of how we are living now a days, there is no respect anymore, violence is getting worse and worse, and as I say the lack of values is themain reason. Essay Ana Sofia l)åvila Mladonado 59 “A” Noveniber 23Universal values can be demostrated in many different ways, for example when you get to know people, you can literaly identify if they have values or not, in the way the talk, the way they act, and in certain details can give an answer to your question This is way I am trying to give and advice to start living the values, because I am completely aware of this problem. I admit that even myself can sometimes not practice all of my values, but this is why I want to make a change, because if everyone is convinced, then the difference and the change will be noticeable and pretty obvious. I am trying to help in a way that is it one of the easiest one, you ust need to behave in a good way, and the change will help yourself.Many of us can be sure about this topic, but many others doesn’t even realice, or they simply don ‘t care.Universal values are the steps to happiness, to be satisfied and t feel pure and plenty with yourself and with others.It is a really sad thing to have a huge opportunity of treating others well as brothers, because we are all humans, we are supposed to support and to help each other, this is why we are here, but for the contrary things are not like this, many people is hurting others, and it is not necessarily in a physical way, bt with words or actions, competitive people is taking power of the world, and this is where the opposite of the values take place; egoism, envy, and many others.Why does this happen?Why it is “easier” to act in a bad than a good way, well this idea is completely wrong none is easier than the other, the only difference from them is that one is a correct one, and the other one is not, and that isa Il, there are no justifications in the bad actions, there are no more options either you act with values or you don’t there is no “in Jniversal values will always be the base and the clue of good actions and effect and his is way we should all not just understand and accept it, but sarting doing and making hanges.