The reached the island of the Sun,The reached the island of the Sun,

The Greeks loved Odysseus, but the Romans were terrified of him. The Greeks believed that Odysseus was so brave and manly and they looked up to him. In the book “The Odyssey” by Homer, Odysseus is defined as one of the greatest leader and was worshiped by a lot of people. Odysseus Good leaders need these three qualities to succeed. First, quality of a good leader is to be wise. Throughout the journey, they may face many different challenges. And the leader needs to be wise to pass through the challenges they may face. To illustrate, blind prophet, Tiresias, briefly foreshadows about his journey back home. Tiresias tells Odysseus that “Odysseus all may still reach Ithaca—bent with hardship, true—but harm them in any way, and Tiresias can see it now: his ship destroyed, his men destroyed as well. And even if Odysseus escape, he come home late and come a broken man—all shipmates lost, alone in a stranger’s ship—and he will find a world of pain at home, crude, arrogant men devouring all your goods, courting your noble wife, offering gifts to win her.” (121,253,128-131). Because Tiresias warned him, Odysseus could have been more careful about making decisions but when the he and his crew reached the island of the Sun, His crews disobeyed all warnings and he prayed to Zeus. “Father Zeus! the rest of you blissful gods who never die—you with your fatal sleep, you lulled me into disaster. Left on their own, look what a monstrous thing my crew concocted!” (12,282, 398-401) and sacrificed the cattle to Zeus. So Zeus sent down a thunderbolt that crashed the ship that Odysseus was in. Leaving Odysseus the only one alive.Next quality of a good leader in order to succeed is to be committed. The dedication to his crews and his work is really important. By committing and putting work into his crews will bond closer to one another. This will reduce conflict between the crews. Considering the fact that Odysseus was traveling in the ship with his crews for about ten years, there must have been some conflicts in between them. Also, they committing into his work, will lead him quicker to finding better solution to the challenges he faced during the journey. Last quality in order to be a good leader is a good leader needs to learn from their mistakes. A leader who is afraid of making mistakes does not succeed often than leaders who are not scared of mistakes. Even if they make mistakes they should take that as a learning experience and never make that mistake again. Some of Odysseus’s traits are brave, smart and selfish. He tries to be a good example to their crews. Odysseus Before the book even starts, Odysseus’ intelligence shows through. When he fought in the Trojan War, he mislead the Trojans to bring the wooden horse into Troy. But the Greek soldiers were hiding inside the wooden horse. This was all Odysseus’ idea. That day, Odysseus and his soldiers attacked Troy avoiding too much deaths. Odysseus won the battle. However he is brave and intelligent but he is also egotistical. He likes to take credit and wants all the attention. For example, when he and his crews were leaving the cyclops’ island, he told Polyphemus his name. That was because he wanted him to know that the great ‘Odysseus’ was the one who stabbed his eye. He is reckless. He lead him and his crews into trouble. All of Odysseus’s actions makes him a good leader. Odysseus and his crew had some tough challenges in front of them but they relied on odysseus and they overcame the challenges. But some downsides of Odysseus as a leader was, he was the one who always received credit for the crews work and if the plan went wrong odysseus would blame the crew members or the gods. Here he did not take responsibility as a leader. This action was maybe caused of fear. Because the crew relied on Odysseus so much that he probably thought making mistakes will let the whole crew down. So thinking that he could not make any mistake he blamed others. He just wanted to a good leader to his crews.   In conclusion, all of Odysseus’s action and his traits make him a good leader. He is worshiped and defined as one of the greatest leaders.