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The Great Depression started in the late 1920’s while Herbert Hoover was, Americas 31st president. The cause of the Great depression was the crash of stock Market Exchange on October 29, 1929. During that year the economy crisis was really bad. Roosevelt won president he promised america with a “New Deal” that is going to solve Hoover’s failures. The position I’ll be doing is Pro. Roosevelt’s response was that he was gonna come out with the “New Deal” and that will help all the underprivileged Americans. The “New Deal” was really effective he dropped the unemployment rate and helped the underprivileged people. A monthly check for elderly’s would be good to keep them from working in hard jobs. The programs helped people with low income. FDR didn’t discriminate towards any gender nor color. A monthly check that would be good to keep them from working in hard and dangerous jobs. Social security the digits that contain retirement benefits for the elderly and listed. The unemployed qualified, this program  helped the workers that could no longer hold a living. The people that qualified for this program, and they were in debt they could still receive money from this program. This would help the people in debt pay off their debt and move on with life. The widow married a benefit of the Social (doc E) security program and all the money moved on to her. The money didn’t just stop coming because the person who original was given too isn’t there no more the close family gets to receive the money and they can hold a living from that.  The SS program helped Widows, elderly’s, unemployed, and disabled people they got enough money to hold a living and pay off each money they got a check. The programs helped people with low income. FDR pointing at a tree with all the programs listed (doc C) FDR has a bubble saying ” It is evolution not revolution gentlemen.” Pointing at a Tree with hundreds of Programs and justifying the new programs that america needed to adapt to help the economy increase. The government wanted to meet the demands people wanted but they also needed Smart people. (Doc C) They couldn’t just have a random person come to help they needed Trust, and Top educated minds, they had government spending and regulation to make the people happy. The 4 steps till all the programs (DOC C ) Those were the baby steps that the government took to get all the programs functioning and working so everyone could be making money. FDR did so much since he was elected, he came in office with so much trouble that hoover had left but FDR came up with this new plan to make money and get everything moving. FDR didn’t discriminate towards any gender nor color. Negros are part of country and must be considered in any program for the country as a whole. (DOC I) There was no program in the new deal that was made specifically for them. Government has taken on meaning and substance for the negro masses. (DOC I ) FDR has a finally included the, and for now they love FDR. To declare that the roosevelt administration has tried to include the negro in nearly every phase of it. (DOC I) No one left behind no one felt discriminated and everyone was happy. Fdr never gave up till he met what his people wanted. The new deal brought satisfaction to the majority of the Americans and that’s a big accomplishment for a president of the United States. Programs that FDR came out with are still in use in modern time, National pension time  The Social Security system pays out old-age pensions, and has been expanded to include aid to other groups. its funded through taxes on employers and employees.