The steppes, and savanna. Between forest andThe steppes, and savanna. Between forest and

The grassland. Otherwise known as prairies, pampas, steppes, and savanna. Between forest and desert, they cover twenty-five percent of the world. This biome is on every continent except Antarctica. The soil runs deep and fertile therefore is perfect for farming. The hawk soars over the grassland looking for its prey. When it finds the perfect buck, the hawk dives down and spreads its wings and opens its talons to grab the rabbit. When the hawk gets to its nest it tears apart the rabbit with his sharp bill and feeds it to its young. The grasshopper is eating some fresh grass. After looking around he guesses he is safe but what he doesn’t know is that behind him is his worst enemy, a lizard! The lizard grabs the grasshopper in his mouth and takes him to a shady spot under the rocks to eat him in peace.The snake slithers along the rocks looking for a midday snack. After he spots a tiny mouse scurrying across the prairie. The snake is spotted by the mouse, the mouse runs faster trying to live another day. The mouse knows that he will not survive but has not lost the will to live. The snake catches the mouse and swallows him whole. For many except the hawk going out of the safety of your home could end up with you dying or living there is always a fifty-fifty chance of either. The world is a very dangerous place for the animals on the lower end of the food chain, but that is all about to change when the main lake for all of the animals water is infected by a human factory pouring out the waste into the river that leads to the lake. It’s around midnight and the mice have decided that it’s the best time for a drink. With it being so dark the mice could not see the horrible color of the lake as the larger animals had already seen. As they took a sip of the water the mice did not feel at all different and went on to their homes for the night. When they woke up in the morning one mouse was chosen to go out and get some grass for the group. On his way back the mouse was spotted by a snake, but instead of running away the mouse found a new sense of power and decided to fight the snake. The mouse surprisingly won and killed the snake. He decided to bring the snake for his friends to eat as a show of this amazing feat. A lizard saw the strange feat for he was sure the mouse would have died. He went back to their home to tell his friends and family of the event.  As they ate the lizard told of the mouse killing snake. Everyone was surprised and shocked by the story. One lizard told everyone that he saw a group of mice drink the infected water around midnight. The lizards came to a conclusion that the mouse got this power from the water. They decided that a couple of them should drink it to see if they to would get this power. On the other side of the lake, a rabbit is running away from a hawk and safely makes it to his den. Before going all the way in he sees the hawk dive at a lizard on the other side of the lake. As the hawk dives down towards the lizard, the lizard jumps up and bites the hawk’s neck and kills him. The rabbit goes down into his hole and tells his friends what he saw after the lizard drank the polluted lake.