”The story by Edgar Allan Poe, it”The story by Edgar Allan Poe, it

”The tell tale heart” is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, it was first publicated in january 1843. This story uses a ”unreliable narrator” (A narrating character or storyteller in a literary or other artistic work such as a novel, play, song, or film who provides inaccurate, misleading, conflicting, or otherwise questionable information to the reader or audience). Something really interesting about this story is the first word ”True!” is the confirmation of his guilt. The introduction is to increase the reader’s attention. Some people say that this tale is self-destructive, because in attempting to prove his sanity he fully admits that he is guilty of murder.  This story finish showing the narrator’s feeling of guilt. ”The old man and his grandson” is a german fairy tale. This story is about a family who don’t respect their oldest, except for the grandchild. Their son sees how his parents are treating his grandpa and he is not okay with that. People says that ”you teach children how to act how you act” this quote is so true because as we already know, kids always want to do the same things we do; they always copy you. This kid saw how their parents tried his grandparent, but he noticed that it was not ok. Finally the kid made something that make change the way of treating the grandparent.This two stories don’t have a lot in common, but if you really think you can find some differences and some equalities. The first equality that we can notice, and the easiest one, is that both are short stories. Some people think that if they are short stories are going to be fairy tales or very boring stuff, but this is not true. The short stories usually have morals or a final that you keep thinking about. This two stories does not finish with a ”happy ending” but they finish with a moral. The moral of ”Tell tale heart” is that we shouldn’t commit any crime because at the end our own sense of guilt will expose us. The moral of ”The old man and his little grandson” is to respect. Other equality that I noticed was that both of the old people had a sickness of old age. In the first story ”Tell tale heart” the old man had  a ”evil eye” and this is why the murderer decides to kill him, he became obsessed with it. And in the other story, ”The old man and his grandson”, the grandfather couldn’t hear too good, as many old people, his hands shakes a lot and other stuff like that.  A difference that I founded in this stories is that ”Tell tale heart” is more a suspense, crime and a horror story. It doesn’t is like a common story and tis make it more interesant. Something that caught my attention is when the murderer kill him and he cuttet all the old man body in many pieces, this type of things we don’t read them in other stories. The other story ”The old man and his grandson” have more like the happy ending and also lives you a  concret moral. This two short stories where too good. If I need to choose one, i will choose the ”Tell tale heart” because I think that is more interesting than the other one. Also I like how the story first starts with a  murder and it finish it with the author’s personal life.