“The that human beings can alter their“The that human beings can alter their

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human
beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” (Philosopher,
William James) In my opinion, what influences this an incredible to cite is,
that we can modify our lives by adjusting the way we decipher the occasions in
our lives. Sometimes the journey we embark on is not always the one we choose. From
time to time we are hard-pressed or drawn in certain directions and we have to retort
to our environment.

My path to a college education has been loaded with a variety
of bumps, bruises, redirections, and barricades. The signs regularly read
“tread slowly” and “halt.” The path has not always been clear,
but being the astrological mountain goat I am, I’ve kept my eyes opened and
focused on the road ahead. The experience has made all the difference in the

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While I recognized that my life’s path would eventually lead
me to college, I was not ready to commit myself to school full time. Well
unlike my many of fellow schoolmates my early adulthood went route went into a
more orthodox direction. I married practically right after graduating from high
school and a few years later had two children. By the time I was 21 years of
age my husband had been killed in a car accident leaving me and two small
children behind. A couple years later, through what I considered divine
intervention, I was happily remarried and working on a second family living in Houston,
Texas. Being a young family it was vital that there was a two-person income
household. It was during my high school years I developed pertinent skills
needed to be in an administrative positions. I was able to secure several
administrative/legal assistant positions in the world of business. Eventually, I
began taking college pre-requisites at the University of Houston and Houston
Community College. By the time I was ready to commit to school full time my
marriage of 15 years ended. I found myself a widowed, divorced, single mother
of four with hardship struggles looking for a fresh new start in life so I
moved back to Miami, Florida. They always say home is where the heart is – well
Miami is where I re-found the drive and determination to work and attend school

Barry University rich in its Catholic intellectual tradition and
integration of study was where I decided to study Psychology. I chose to
study psychology since preparing conceptual ideas and thoughts in a differing
disciplines are intuitively fulfilling. Also, apart from psychology being a full-fledged
career in its own right, no matter what career one chooses; having a
solid background in psychology can only enhance one’s employability. Using the
research to learn basic human behavior, and applying the knowledge to solve
problems that affect human development, psychology has enabled me to
simultaneously use science and practice in an everyday setting. Although it
took me a bit longer than the “norm” to complete my undergraduate education, it
is one
of the proudest accomplishments of my life. Despite the fact that my early adulthood
in the opposite direction. I also realize that my educational path is
not yet complete.

I want my legal education
to make a bigger difference to the success of my life. My initial perseverance
and drive have evolved with every barrier I overcame. I can confidently say
that pursuit in higher education will be a welcoming challenge, one that I plan
to face with my arsenal of experience, passion, determination, dedication, and
discipline. My experience as a wife and currently single mother has provided me
with a sense of responsibility which every student should possess. Passion and
desire are the internal instincts that have brought me this far in life and are
the core characteristics that I rely on to carry me through my educational
pursuits. Similarly, I have displayed my dedication in many different areas,
including, motherhood, employment, and education. Finally, all my experiences
have taught me that discipline is necessary to get to the next level.


My life experiences have
taught me to recognize my weaknesses and look for ways to overcome them. I will
enter graduate school a much stronger person and student because of my
experiences on the business plains and in the classroom. My decision where to
attend graduate school mirrors my decision where to propel in my career. I want
to study legal studies at the University of San Diego because not only does it
provide the best combination of professors, students and resources in San Diego
to solidify my future successes – it will also open
many career doors, including a sense of accomplishment, greater recognition and
credibility, advancement opportunities, and higher salaries. I
believe that my struggles, determination, success through my professional
experiences and my undergraduate studies qualifies me as an excellent MS
candidate in your Legal Studies department.