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The novel  If I Stay  by Gayle Forman is an intriguing story that definitely caught my eye. The main characters Mia and Adam, meet in school and become very close .In the book Mia and her family get in a car crash, Mia goes into a coma, but her “spirit” walks around and see what’s going on in the hospital. The story flashes back to before the accident. The flashbacks tells us about her family, her auditions, her dates with Adam, and more. While she is in the hospital, a doctor is the one who tells her that she has to make the decisions of if she stays or not. Mia and Adam are similar in little ways with music, but they are mostly different.In the novel both Mia and Adam have different personalities and have different spots in the school. Mia is a very shy person, she only really has one friends at the beginning of the story. In high school she isn’t an outcast, just not many people notice her. Adam though, he his probably the most popular one in the school, he talks to everyone. Everybody knows who Adam is, especially Mia. In the story Mia said, “it turned out that coming from such far corners of the social universe had its downsides.” Basically they were almost the total opposites at their school. Everyone new Adam, but not many new Mia.They both love music, but the instruments they play and the type of music they listen to is very different. Mia plays the cello, and usually listens to and plays classical music. Adam plays the guitar and usually plays more rock-n-roll music, he’s in a band, and he listens to a small amount of classical music but mostly rock-n-roll. Mia said, ” so I played. And even though you wouldn’t think it, the cello didn’t sound half bad with all those guitars. In fact, it sounded pretty amazing.” Even though they did play two different instruments and liked different music, when they played together they sounded unbelievable.Mia and Adam are very different with their personality and music, but they have very small things that are similar. They have different friends, different families, different instruments, different music, but in they end they are together. “I can lose you like that if I don’t lose you today. I’ll let you go. If you stay.” Adam says. They are different in a lot of ways, but there a small things in those reasons are what makes them similar.