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The movie, The Dark Knight Rises, has many literary roots that connect with A Tale of Two Cities. It is a modern story of A Tale of Two Cities in many ways. First, there are comparisons of the two settings. The dark, angry Gotham City is similar in mood and tone with the violent and revolutionary France. Next, the connecting theme of sacrifice in the main characters joins the two. Character parallels are the strongest, and Bruce Wayne emphasizes the most additional meaning from the novel, A Tale of Two Cities. His character evolves from both Sydney Carton and Dr. Manette, and their personalities connect through the theme of struggle, sadness, and sacrifice. Bruce Wayne and Sydney Carton are the most connected characters in the movie and the novel. They both hide behind a “mask.” Bruce Wayne hides from who he really is by having everyone think he is just a billionaire out for himself and he develops a secret life. Carton hides from his sad and unfulfilled life and insecurities about his failures through drinking. Both characters use similar ways in life to escape their sad upbringing, pain, and loneliness. The sacrifices both characters make connect them as well. For example, Batman goes all the way back to Gotham to save his people after being imprisoned by Bane, just as Carton goes all the way back to France to save Charles Darnay’s life. In addition, Batman sacrifices his life by taking the atomic bomb and moving it away from Gotham, just like Sydney Carton trades places with Darnay to take the guillotine at the end of the novel. Here, both restore the hero image they always wanted to fulfill their empty lives. Bruce Wayne is also developed from the character Dr. Manette. First, the reputations of both characters have been tarnished by wrongful imprisonment. They are both left in prison, Dr. Manette regressing into a sad man who forgot his identity after being in prison for 18 years. Bruce Wayne is similar because he is excluded from a social life and imprisoned by Bane as well. They are both silent heroes trying to to help with the revolt of their cities and governments, Dr. Manette in France, Batman in Gotham City. Both characters fight for what they love the most; their people and their cities. They both connect by overcoming oppression in prison to regain their reputation and become heroes as well. Christopher Nolan’s love for Charles Dickens novel, A Tale of Two Cities is shown in many ways in his movie, The Dark Knight Rises. He did a fantastic job of connecting the two through setting, theme, and most importantly characters. The rebirth of Bruce Wayne and Dr. Manette are shown by redeveloping their strength of character. The theme of sacrifice of the characters Bruce Wayne and Sydney Carton are compared through their quest to be heroes for the people they love the most. The dark imagery and revolution of two similar cities are also connected through violence and riots. In conclusion, the connection of the two pieces of work in setting, imagery, tone, and most importantly characters was interesting, smart, and provided additional meaning to both for the viewer and the reader.