The the country, assist in the navigationThe the country, assist in the navigation

The technologies people developed in exploring the
universe impact our lives ways we don’t even realized. This planted the seed
for this international communication where we know what’s going on around the
world all the time because we have access to technologies that allow that
signal to be broadcast everywhere. Satellites have offered great benefits for
us ordinary people. Today because of the use of the satellite people can easily
access in the detailed information and images about the Earth. Predicting
weather and handle navigation, communication that enables people to transfer
telephones and cellular phones even across the country, assist in the
navigation of ships and aircraft and TV broadcasting now became easy and
possible. Without the satellite we might not have our favorite TV programs now,
we might have a completely different experience of the world we live in because
we wouldn’t have this strong connection as satellites allows us to link up with
outer countries and people in an instant.

We no longer thirst for information that may cause
lives because of the unexpected weather patterns, as our satellites tell us of
future disasters. We can now also know warnings so that we can minimize the use
of other technologies and lessen or drop activities that can harm our depleting
ozone layer. Even farmer can use satellite for they can be used in identifying
crops or even receive reports about river flooding that may harm their plants.

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One of the first application of the Earths satellite
was for navigation purposes. And now we have the GPS. We can now locate new
places just by using our cellular phone making it a part of our regular gear.
As a Geodetic Engineering it is a useful tool for map-making and land surveying
with the aid of the different surveying instruments. For the military
satellites can be useful for scouting the enemies. It can be used in the field
of surveillance or spy satellites by having cameras to take pictures of the
enemies place from above. And other instruments or detectors so they can detect
things in the dark or covered by something camouflage. Other countries have
satellites used to search ships or submarines and can spot nuclear vessels and
with the advancement of new technology they can scan the depths of the ocean.
These protect countries from attacks and detect nuclear warheads.

Satellites help people to study the universe and
gather information about the bodies they orbit. They are equipped with
different instrument that may help in gathering data that may become useful for
peoples usage. And a lot of satellites orbit around the Earth by different
countries making various observation, communication, navigation and science
possible and easy access.

While we may not realize its existence, the important
role the satellites play in our daily lives cannot be underestimated. They
contribute significantly to our well-being and enable us to work and achieve
what we want in a new, easy, quick and innovative ways.