The the earthquakes could have been induced,The the earthquakes could have been induced,

The assessment of the hardware revealed a major weakness. One of the strengths they have is the relatively close distance from transport centers to facilitate effective exchange and transfer of products. This fact that they are very close to these hubs gives them an extra advantage in moving their merchandise from one location to another using numerous means such as ships, trucks, train and even by air. The challenge this exposes them to, happens to be a very serious one in respect to their hardware. They have 3 of their major divisions in the California, and all 3 are located around the infamous San Andreas Fault.

A lot of studies by renowned scientist have even gone into studying the considerations that the earthquakes could have been induced, causing more imminent dangers to fault lines. Susan Elizabeth Hough, a seismologist at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and her colleagues even carried out a research to clarify that the drilling by the oil rigs in close proximity to this fault lines were not triggering the earthquakes as there were evidences linking them together already (Hough, Tsai, Walker and Aminzadeh, 2017).

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The US government is still developing the earthquake early warning signs as at 2018. According to Cochran (Cochran, 2018), she said “We wanted to learn from the experiences of SASMEX in order to apply some of those lessons to the earthquake early warning system we are developing here in the U.S.,”. It is therefore very risky to have such a big establishment with its servers located in a region that has little warning for such a major disaster. Based on the fact that the Trump’s administration still considering the proposal to sustain funding for the implementation of the earthquake early warning system (Lin II, 2017).

The impact of a large earthquake in the state of California will be devastating for the establishment, as they will be crippled and rendered useless. Without adequate backup servers in other locations, operations will totally be paralyzed and all their business process will experience a major and tragic shutdown. The priority at that point will be to salvage any infrastructure that is available to cover costs and reduce the loss.

Production chain, transportation chain and even efficient communication lines will be severed and the competitiveness lost in the rumble, leaving investor and customers at a great disadvantage. This will affect the company as a whole and outcome disastrous to the finances of the company.