The the importance of childhood development ForThe the importance of childhood development For

The early stages of childhood often known as the formative years, in which someone typically begins to form their personality and begin to start developing into the person which they will be for the rest of their life. Bill Gates  the founder of Microsoft stated that ” the first 5 years of development Have so much to do with how the next 80 years turn out.”  this statement clearly demonstrates the importance of ensuring a proper stable healthy and supported childhood in order to ensure that children grow up to be happy and successful people in the modern world. In order to understand the importance of childhood development For my service learning focused on the effect of reading assistance/ tutoring for lower-income students that are behind the state designated grade reading level. This seemed like a  very pertinent issue due to the fact that reading and comprehension is the foundation of a successful and healthy education.  for me, I understand the importance of a good education due to the fact that I am pursuing 1 as a community college student right now. I understand that the early years of school can be difficult if you fall behind and make the rest of your education path much more challenging if you fail to catch up quickly enough. Therefore it was clear to me that by volunteering for the reading partners program which specializes in assisting low-income student and catching up 2 state required reading levels I could make a significant difference in a child’s educational path where are learning about the benefits and the challenges that one-on-one tutoring provides in childhood development in terms of educational advancement. By volunteering with reading partners I hope to not only understand this issue in Greater depth but also grow as a person myself while adding others and learn about this important issues. In order to fully understand this issue I will first be discussing past research done on the importance of tutoring and Child Development,  and 2nd I will be discussing my personal experience with the reading partners program.    In order to understand the effects of one-on-one tutoring in child development we, must first look towards past research to gain a broad understanding what has already been established in this field. In a study published on Sage journals Review of Education Research page Researchers , Robert S. Feldman, Vernon L. Allen and Linda Devin-Sheehan Stated that “A structured reading program In tutoring struggling 2nd grade students showed significant Improvement and increase retention after a 6-month period of one-on-one tutoring.”  while this study was on the smaller scale due to only focusing on one grade level and only following the students through a six-month period It was able to produce  significant results about one-on-one tutoring four children behind grade level.  after their trial had ended over 85% of the  studied students we’re at the required level and the remaining 15% had still improve their reading and comprehension skills despite not getting to the desired marks. This clearly demonstrates the potential effectiveness of one-on-one tutoring for children who have fallen behind the design curriculum. If almost 90% of children are able to reach grade level reading in around 6 months this type of assistance for children’s education has the potential to greatly assist many students catching up to their requirements in minimal time.  due to the fact that children in elementary school are typically  grappling with a competence versus inferiority issue on Erikson’s stage of psychosocial development it is critical that they are aided in allowed to apply themselves to tasks that are on par with what is expected of them so they do not feel inferior and become out of risk of developing a negative social identity. By adding kids at a young age to form positive social identities in which they see themselves as capable of achieving their goals and competent enough to complete tasks is Of great importance in their Social Development. A later study performed the Office of the Deputy Secretary Planning and Evaluation Service U.S Department of Education in 2001 clearly states that  well-designed tutoring programs that use volunteers and other nonprofessionals as tutors can be effective in improving children’s reading skills. “Students with below-average reading skills who are tutored by volunteers show significant gains in reading skills when compared with similar students who do not receive tutoring from a high-quality tutoring program.”   a key aspect that came out of this study showed the benefit of continuous reinforcement with the students. since the truing program took place over several years rather than just a few months the US Department of Education was able to clearly see the benefits of continuous reinforcement with these children. Primarily the US Department of Education that use positive reinforcers when working with the children in order to increase the frequency of reading. By offering rewards for completing books or understanding key Concepts children were incentivized to pay attention to the lesson. these rewards range from pieces of candy and small toys however it was noted in this study that next to  forms of punishment were used in the study to increase motivation so the effects are still unknown. In another  later study performed by Jim Wright and Kristie S. Clearly in 2005 examined the effects of increased facility quality had on students undergoing individual tutoring. This study demonstrates how when children are lagging in reading ability access to more advanced facilities and more resources provides a consistent improvement for their reading skills. Wright and Kristie go on to state that “When Innovations are introduced into the classroom We see a significant increase  in students development reading comprehension and overall interest in education. These  advancements paired with tutors provides a optimal studying environment to Aid children reaching required reading levels.” Throughout this study a variety of 30 tools were provided to the students and the tutors in order to increase their efficiency. These  tools ranged from Simply reorganizing and improving upon in class libraries in order to make finding desired books more visible and easier to find for students too much more complex educational assistance such a smart boards and computers to assist with reading comprehension. Well both of these showed great Improvement in the students reading ability in The Tudors ability to effectively that there was no Large difference between the  cost of the Educational Tools and the effectiveness of them. as long as the Educational Tools provided children with a sense of accomplishment, simplified the lesson and was engaging there were significant increases in reading ability. What these Studies have shown is that one-on-one tutoring and other forms of educational assistance provided to Children struggling with reading skills has significant Rewards and is able to accomplish a great deal in limited time. These studies have shown positive effects which will greatly benefit the child not only in there educational development but their emotional and Social Development as well being too much more productive happy and healthy adults in the future.     After reading these studies the next step in order to fully understand The benefits and the drawbacks of one-on-one tutoring for children struggling in reading skills was to participate in the reading partners program in see for myself the effects first hand. When first starting out my service learning project with reading partners my assignment was very simple. At first, I was tasked to Simply ate my student in basic reading comprehension and go over basic skills such as summarizing the story and understanding the plot. As Beast basic lessons went on I was able to observe The benefits that the one-on-one tutoring provided to my student. As we continue to work together I could see him becoming much more engaged in the tasks provided by reading partners and less discouraged when he got something wrong. Well, we only a meeting once a week I could tell there was a significant increase in confidence when it came to reading skills as we progressed further down the lesson path. Later as we moved on to more complex lessons I began utilizing more advanced Educational Tools in order to see this would improve my students reading ability. As the previous study suggested by integrating study mechanics that were engaging in front of the student such as games and books that my student was interested in I saw a dramatic increase at the rate in which lessons were completed and higher levels of enthusiasm each time. As we progressed further down the reading Partners learning chart my student also demonstrated a clear ability to think logically in concentrate on events that are happening in the book. this demonstrates the benefits that the children had on the student by increasing his concentration operational stage. during this stage young children are beginning to grasp concept analogies and preformed arithmetic operations.  For children who have fallen behind the curriculum level, it can be difficult for them to think logically and a grasp Concepts that their fellow students would. However, after completing many lessons with my reading partner, I was able to witness first-hand The Beneficial effect that the tutoring had during this critical concrete operational stage. While also working at reading Partners I was able to ask questions from my insight coordinator and receive feedback on the effectiveness of the tutoring as well as understand the overarching developmental goals of the program. By speaking with the inside coordinator I was able to understand the overall goals of reading partners and obtain valuable statistics of the accomplishments of the program. In the 2015-2016 year, Reading Partners was able to tutor over 11,000 students And provide them with the tools necessary to further the educational development.In order to understand the effects one-on-one tutoring in child development for students who are behind and desired grade reading levels, I had to First understand the research that has already been done at the field by looking at a variety of studies in comparing the effectiveness in different techniques tools and models. after I had done research on the topic and seen the results gathered by professional researchers and psychosocial scientists I then had to test their knowledge and finding with my own personal experiences. By volunteering add reading partners I was able to get the first-hand experience on the effects of one-on-one tutoring as well as see the growth and development of my student while also discussing the benefits of the said program with the inside coordinator. In the future, I believe reading partners and other similar programs will be essential in our nation’s educational curriculum in order to ensure that all children have an equal and fair chance of developing and progressing through the educational career successfully. The research that I have found in the experience I have seen firsthand clearly demonstrates to me the importance of the said program and ensuring that all children have a chance.