The the problem is in some cases;The the problem is in some cases;

The 21’st century widely adopted the gender stereotype,
which the biggest issue towards the standards between a male and a female that gives
unfair judgment and boundaries to a person preferred personality and choice.G1 

            Since the day that a child born, the parents
decide the appropriate attire for their G2 G3 kid. If you are a male, wear pants, and only play ‘boy’
toys like race cars and superheroes. If you are a female, wear skirts, and only
play dolls, teddy-bears and make-up kits. The parents honed the child to be
what their vision is, and without any clue, the parents adopt the stereotype
which must be stopped ahead of time.G4 G5 G6 

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Based on the global
study of Luscombe (2017), gender stereotypes start at the age of 10 that gives
a psychological burdensome and leads to a risk for the social development of a
person’s behavior. Gender stereotyping accept the widely judgment or bias about
certain traits to apply to each other gender so it doesn’t bring any good to
anyone. The overgeneralization about the expectations of the difference of a
certain group based on their gender gives a hypocritical view of the world.G7 G8 

Likewise, stereotyping happens in school. School is the
establishment that teaches student lessons whereas it can help in
the future. But the problem is in some cases; the lessons that are made have
‘categorizing’ that can make the child confused. Classes about identifying
which is masculine, feminine, common and neuter are sometimes faulty; an
example is a word ‘nurse’, in this world, there are male and female nurses, but
why does it often classified as a feminine job? Encounters with men and women
are often lead to stereotyping were if one job is likely to be done by the most
sex, the society preferred that it should be it. G9 G10 G11 G12 G13 G14 G15 

Furthermore, the society today prefers the
job of men to be like soldiers, pilots, security guards – everything that is
brave. Moreover, the jobs for women were suitable for caregiving, cooking, cleaning
– everything that is good for housekeeping. Stereotyping always happens based
on the physical appearances and the personality traits of a human, which
affects the occupation the human desired to get. Some women want to be a part
of the police and some men want to have a job at a parlor snipping hair.

media had one of the biggest contributions towards stereotyping. Media gives
out the information to many people out there, but sometimes the information
that was given subtly
acclaims stereotyping. When you open the television, why do men always get a
lot of character towards telenovelas and women are just like household critters
emotionally falling for men? Sometimes the media portrays men as a leading role
than women, thus, people see that women are weak and men dominate the world.
This is where the society gets the idea of standardized issues and
classifications that are knowingly occurring today and because of this, women
struggle with the crisis of gender discrimination and stereotyping. G16 G17 G18 

 So is being
different a good thing? Yes, definitely, but in this world, people may judge
you because of doing something that doesn’t suit your sexuality. There’s a
quote saying “if someone tells a lie, the whole crowd may seem it is the
truth” and it means that sometimes people fall for things that aren’t
true.  G19 G20 

 Men can wear
dresses. Women can wear suits. All of the people out there can wear what they
want and have a job regardless of what their identity is. Let us create a world
without discrimination and any type of stereotyping so that the abundance of
peace is closer to our hands.  G21 

It is the 21st century, and we
have the free-will to do what we want to do and who we want to be. We don’t
define ourselves just because of what we wear, what we play, what we do, and
what the opinions of others give; because as we count our tomorrows, we’ll see
a glimpse of where the definition of yourself is in your heart and not on the
opinions of other people.