The the websites I went to said

The humane society was founded November 24, 1954. The humane society of the united states is based in washington D.C it is a non prophet organization founded by a journalist fred meyers, helen jones, larry andrews, and marcia glaser. As they got bigger they got a board of directors. To address what they saw as animal related cruelties of national scope, and to resolve problems by applying strategies beyond the resources or capabilities of local organizations. In 2013, the (Chronicles of Philanthropy)identified HSUS as the 136th largest charity in the united states in its Philanthropy 400 listening since 2001, the groups campaigns have been factory farming, animal fighting, fur trade, puppy mills, and wildlife abuse. The HSUS provides direct care for more more than 100,000 animals each year.that is more than any other animal welfare organization. Their sanctuaries, emergency shelters, and rescues work to professionalize its field of animal care with education and training programs. It reported it’s revenue as $129 million and its net is $215 million as of december 31,2014. The humane society is a organization that aims to stop human or animal suffering due to cruelty or for other reasons. I don’t personally agree with what the humane society does with their money all though I’m not sure what they do with it all.they put less than 1% of their money on pet shelters. They  started a pension plan in 1998 that they put $16 million in each year. They claim they put $19 million in pet shelters, but there isn’t much proof I think that it is bad. They don’t put their money into the shelters all the websites  I went to said that they don’t spend their  money they make on the good stuff people think they spend it on I think it’s a scam, but I do think that the shelters are good other than how they put down there animals. They don’t really save all the  animals on their logo they mainly only save cats and dogs.

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